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A letter from Harry Barnes MP to me dated 5/2/1998.

Dear Mrs Eileen Wright

Thank you for your letter of 28 January.

Peter Brooke MP is the Chair of the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee. It has no Vice-Chair. However, I am a Committee member. But so is Peter Robinson who, I understand, is your own MP.

Have you taken your brother's case up with him? It is easier for your local MP to pursue your case as he has local knowledge of the area and individuals concerned.

I doubt whether the Select Committee would be an appropriate body to investigate the problems faced by your brother. It tends to examine broad issues such as the role of the RUC and the prison Service. It then issues reports and makes recommendations to Parliament.

Your brother's case may require legal investigations into maladministration.

I am sure that Peter Robinson could look into such matters if you approached him.

Yours sincerely

G Kent
pp Harry Barnes MP
North East Derbyshire.

[Of course I did approach Peter Robinson MP but as usual I got nowhere.]

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