Please note that text in red denotes my comments

This is a sample of my father's investments dated 7/11/2001.

This is just one example of the determination of my father, Fred Andrews senior, to ensure the well-being of his family. The Frederick Andrews named on the Official Solicitor's official Court Document is my late father Frederick Andrews senior, not my mentally-handicapped brother Frederick Andrews junior. This reason why there is no date of birth on this particular government form must be to give the impression that these investments belong to my metally-handicapped brother Frederick (Freddie) when in fact they did and do not belong to my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie.
The only way, however, that the Official Solicitor could possibly have any interest in these investments would be to 'consider' these investments to belong to my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie and this is obviously what has been organised here. As you can see, all these investments are being held by the Official Solicitor and kept within the jurisdiction of the High Court in the guise of a Certificate Of Funds In Court document. Why has the Office of the Official Solicitor put itself in charge of all these investments? How did the Office of the Official Solicitor take control of all these investments? How did the Office of the Official Solicitor even come to possess this list of important and valuable investments? This is completely out of order. The Office of the Official Solicitor has no jurisdiction over these investments. This is a typical example of why the Office of the Official Solicitor has held on to the position of Committee and then Controller for my mentally-handicapped brother and his estate and through him, has actually become involved in the plunder of assets belonging to other members of our family as well. This is the ultimate in criminality. This is Government criminality and institutional violence. In fact and in practice, the Office of the Official Solicitor has become the local mafia headquarters. The question in my mind is, who is the Office of the Official Solicitor intent on guarding these funds for, funds which actually belong to the Andrews' family? In other words, who is going to benefit from these funds which belong to the Andrews' family and which are presently and wrongfully under the control of the Office of the Official Solicitor?

Such a private, substantial and confidential list of investments made by my late father would have been kept in a very safe but accessible place, and his own personal safe would have been the place to keep such a list. As has been stated elsewhere, my father's personal and private safe was removed, totally illegally, from the family home Tara House soon after my father's death and now here is this list of investments in the hands of the Official Solicitor's Office which is using the power of the High Court to give this shocking state of affairs authenticity and legality.

In my father's Will, my father stated, quote,

"4. My Trustees shall invest the proceeds of such sale calling in or conversion in or upon such investment as they may think fit, they having the same powers of investment as if they were beneficial owners without being responsible for any loss incurred.
5. I direct my Trustees to pay the income from my Trust Estate to my wife Minetta Andrews for her lifetime.
6. Upon the death of my wife my Trustees shall hold my Trust Estate and future income therefrom for my three daughters, Betty Hamilton, Eileen Wright and Vera Douglas in equal shares."

There is no connection whatsoever between my father's wishes for the disposal of his Trust Estate and my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie. Following my mother's death, the income from his Trust Estate must be divided equally between his remaining three daughters. (Unfortunately my sister Vera is now also sadly deceased.) My father already had made what he considered satisfactory provision for his two sons, Billy and Freddie.

The big, big question which the Office of the Official Solicitor refuses to answer is how much of my mentally-handicapped brother's own money is under the present control of the Office of the Official Solicitor? After all these years, with interest, the money from the 'sales' of Freddie's properties should be worth a pretty penny. This will be looked into during the course of this investigation.