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A letter from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to me dated 25/6/1987.

Dear Mrs Wright

The Chief Executive has asked me to reply to your letter dated 19th June 1987.

McConnell, Martin and Company, Estate Agents representing the landlords, Andrews and Company Limited, made a temporary letting to the Executive, from 15th December 1982 to 31st July 1985 of a site at 66/68 Smithfield Square (Francis Street) Belfast. This is the only interest the Executive had in respect of the propwerty.

I would suggest that you contact McConnell, Martin and Company, who should be in a position to give you the full details you require, including the authority they have to make the letting.

Yours sincerely

W McGivern
Regional Director Belfast

[I wrote to McConnell, Martin and Company asking why they let this property when it did not belong to Andrews & Company, as you will notice from another letter from Carson & McDowell to Nick Sadler on the 2nd October 1987. Yet this property was let. Neville Johnston had taken over the business of Andrews & Co but was not entitled to rent out any of Freddie's property. I asked to whom they paid the money but I could not get a reply.]

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