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This is my Introduction to my brother Freddie's shocking story.

Within eight months of my father's death in 1972, millionaire businessman and respected Plymouth Brethern preacher, Charles Gilpin, had persuaded my mother, at that time 75 years of age and still suffering the loss of her husband, to take the family's affairs out of our long-standing family solicitors, Boston & Sullivan, and put them into the hands of his (Gilpin's) solicitors, Tughan & Co. Not only that, but in that short time, he also persuaded my mother to make him the sole executor of her will. In this he was assisted by solicitor Herbert Wright, an employee of Tughan & Co. Herbert Wright, who was later struck off the list of solicitors and received a suspended jail sentence for professional misconduct, is actually one of the witnesses to that will.
Members of our family had no idea that this was going on until it was too late. Gilpin had no connection with my father or any member of our family. He liked to be seen in my father's company and my father always said to keep Mr. Gilpin 'at arm's length'.

My father had made it abundantly clear that it was his wish that my mother and Freddie would be able to retain, remain in and maintain their beautiful home at 14 Castlehill Road while they lived, by purchasing around thirty city-centre properties (that we know of), also in Freddie's name, as financial support for this purpose.
Yet, of all the properties left to Freddie by my father, including "Tara House", not one property is left in Freddie's name today and the High Court in Northern Ireland has made that legal!

When we found out, a few years after my father's death, the criminal activity that was being quietly perpetrated against Freddie's property, we put Freddie into the care of the Courts for his protection, the protection of his home and his estate in January 1979, but Official Solicitor after Official Solicitor set themselves up as owners of Freddie's estate and carried on the plunder. Not only that, but the Office of the Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court which has been in charge of Freddie's estate since January 1979, has refused to allow members of Freddie's family to see the details of the sales of Freddie's properties and details of the amounts of money being the proceeds from the sales of properties belonging to Freddie, which is said to be, and is supposed to be, held in the High Court Offices. The same corrupt lawyers and Official Solicitors involved, have also colluded in the removal of money and ownership of other property from other members of our family.

I have been left to look after Freddie, who is now in his 70's and incontinent, on my own, with a minimum of help.

This is my father's Will and a Report by Jackson & Andrews & Co Accountants. As you can see from my father's will, Gwendoline Sullivan of Boston & Sullivan, Solicitors, was one of two trustees of my father's will, which is probably the reason why Charles Gilpin felt it necessary to take our family business to another firm of solicitors and set himself and Herbert Wright up as fake trustees in order to pursue the seizure and sale of Freddie's lucrative estate.

My mother was told by Charles Gilpin that she could not afford to keep "Tara House", and that she and Freddie should be living in a smaller house. Of course, neither my husband nor I, nor the other members of our family, knew this was going on at that time.

When my father made provision for Freddie to retain and remain in 14 Castlehill Road for as long as he lived, he also made provision for my mother to remain in 14 Castlehill Road for her lifetime. Legally, neither Freddie nor my mother could have given permission to sell this property.

Both Gilpin and Tughan & Co took advantage of a suffering and very elderly woman and a mentally handicapped man, both of whom were incapable of knowing what these men were up to.

In a letter to the British Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, Mr. Roy Beggs, while he was Member of Parliament for East Antrim, stated,

"I would request an investigation of the Freddie Andrews case history.....I am confident that your committee will obtain evidence to expose irregularities of fraud, blackmail, and mismanagement which the House of Commons would not find acceptable. Persistence in the search for justice exposed a crooked solicitor who pleaded guilty as charged but was not cross-examined. This self-confessed crook advised an official solicitor whose incompetence and gullibility resulted in a Judge being wrongly advised in my opinion, and a complete cover-up has been maintained of the mishandling of Freddie Andrews affairs."

Councillor Chris McGimpsey stated to London Journalist Peter Mason, quote:

"This isn't just about Freddie, although it's bad enough that he should be denied what is rightfully his," says Councillor McGimpsey. "This is also about the rights, in a free society, of close members of a patient's family to see important documents. And it's also about the whole issue of who investigates the Official Solicitor. Right now it appears as if he or she is above the law, and that cannot be right. If there is a complaint about the way in which the Official Solicitor's office had done its job, then there should be a quick and easy way of forcing an investigation. That must be the case, or vulnerable people like Freddie cannot be properly protected."

There is absolutely no protection here in Northern Ireland for our mentally handicapped brothers and sisters. If a mentally handicapped person is put in the care of the Court, there is absolutely no way back - especially if that mentally handicapped person has money or property.

There must be an independent public inquiry into the handling of my brother's estate involving the High Court, the Land Registry Office, the RUC Fraud Squad, the Office of Care and Protection, the Law Society, several Official Solicitors, several firms of solicitors, estate agents and a number of businessmen.


I therefore demand that:

1. All documentation regarding all the 'sales' of Freddie Andrews' property must be produced.
2. All valuations, reports etc of all these 'sales' must be produced.
3. The names of all the solicitors, estate agents, valuers etc of all these 'sales' must be produced.
4. All records and all financial transactions of all these 'sales' must be produced.
5. All letters of authorisation from Freddie Andrews' guardian to proceed with all these 'sales' must be produced.
6. Verification of all this information as to who signed for all these 'sales' on behalf of Freddie Andrews must be produced.
7. A written statement from the Office of the Official Solicitor that the 'sales' of all Freddie Andrews' properties will stand up to proper Court inspection must be produced.
8. A written explanation as to how and why the Official Solicitor's Office has control of my late father's investments which are none of the Official Solicitor's business.
9. A complete list of every property owned by my father and mother and each of their children, how it was disposed of, by whom it was disposed of and who were the beneficiaries of that disposal.
10. A complete list of all the expenses charged against the estate of my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie Andrews and my late mother by all Official Solicitors, Masters and others, much of which were for answering letters of protest by Freddie's late mother, brother and sisters at the totally improper conduct of those Official Solicitors and Masters and others in the handling of our family's affairs.

The Office Of The Official Solicitor Exposed As Corrupt.