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A letter from accountants Jackson Andrews to Eastern Health & Social Services Board dated 10/4/1981

Dear Sir,

Estate of Frederick Andrews deceased/Mrs. Vera Douglas

Further to our letter to you dated 2nd April, 1981 we have been able to make contact with Mr. James Burnside and are now able to reply on his behalf to your letter to him dated 25th March, 1981.

The late Frederick Andrews Senior died on 14th July, 1972 and Probate was granted to Mr. Burnside and Miss Gwen Sullivan of 40 Victoria Square, Belfast.

Since that time Mr. Burnside and Miss Sullivan have been administering Mr. Andrews Estate in accordance with his Will which provided that all of his property which he possessed at the date of his death should be held in trust and the income paid over to his widow Mrs. Minetta Andrews during her lifetime.

The Will went on further to provide that on her death the residue of the Estate should be distributed in three equal shares to Mr. Andrews' daughters as follows:-

a) Mrs. Vera Douglas.
b) Mrs. Betty Hamilton.
c) Mrs Eileen Wright.

Proper Accounts have been kept by Mr. Burnside for the affairs of the Trust Estate and as you can see from this letter there are no grounds on which any monies would be due from the Trustees to Mrs. Vera Douglas until her mother dies.

We are therefore not able to help you with regard to the amount of 3,000 you refer to.

With regard to Mrs. Vera Douglas' private affairs we are not aware nor is Mr. Burnside aware of the personal circumstances of Mrs. Vera Douglas.
Mr. Burnside has no recollection of ever having prepared income tax returns for Mr. Douglas nor has this Firm done so.

If we can be of any further assistance to you please let us know.

Yours faithfully,

Jackson Andrews.

[I must point out that at some stage, which I hope to identify, this firm of accountants, Jackson Andrews, who were my late father's accountants and knew all there was to know of my father's affairs, were chosen by the 'enemy', the Official Solicitor's Office, to carry out work on our family's affairs for that Office - a very typical and totally unprofessional exercise given the corrupt use any information that the Official Solicitor's Office obtained was put to.]

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