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From Jackson Andrews to me dated 18/5/1989.

Dear Mrs Wright,

We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 17th May 1989.

We regret that we are unable to assist you. We are retained by the Office of the Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court to deal with the income tax affairs of Freddie Andrews, junior, for whom that Office is responsible. The information you have requested is confidential between us and our client and can be disclosed only with the approval of the Official Solicitor's Office.

We have forwarded a copy of your letter to that Office.

Yours faithfully,

Jackson Andrews

[This is truly bizarre. My late father entrusted accountants Jackson Andrews with his business affairs and as you can see in my late father's Will he chose one of Jackson Andrews employees as one of his estate trustees and executors, namely James Gardner Burnside, Chartered accountant of Messrs. Jackson Andrews & Co., River House, 48, High Street, Belfast. Solicitor Gwendoline Sullivan, Solicitor, of 40, Victoria Square, Belfast was the other trustee and executor. Jackson Andrews have now become the latest member of Brian Hall's Gang. Every effort was made, firstly, by Charles Gilpin and Tughan & Co to get their hands on my father's property and money. These two parties succeeded in their task shortly after my father's death as is documented elsewhere on this site. When our family found out what had been happening and put Freddie's estate in the care of the Office of Care and Protection, this office just continued the dirty work of Gilpin and Tughan & Co aided and abetted by the Office of the Official Solicitor. When our family found out what the Official was up to, we contacted the Fraud Squad with the help of the press and a long investigation began. Criminal activity of all sorts was discovered and identified by Fraud Squad Det. Const. Mervyn Patterson whose unsuccessful attempts to get the senior officers in the RUC, including the Chief Constable, to take the necessary action cost DC Patterson his life. What are we dealing with here? What sort of people is the British Government allowing to be let loose on law abiding citizens in Northern Ireland. The paramilitary activity over three decades was hellish but this is being carried out by the top legal and law officers in this land. The above letter proves the lengths the Official Solicitor has gone to enlist those who can supply the 'right information' about the Belmont pot of gold. Jackson Andrews were in a position to know ALL about our family wealth. I wonder if Jackson Andrews kept my father's financial affairs as confidential from the Office of the Official Solicitor as they kept the Official Solicitor's dealings with Freddie's affairs confidential from me. Brian Hall's gang are powerful people, supposedly law-abiding people, the keepers of the law backed up by the power of the Supreme Court. Nobody here can touch them. Not one solicitor has been allowed to open his or her mouth even in Court to utter one single word of criticism against this criminal activity which is even worse than the paramilitary activity of three decades. We all know where the paramilitaries are coming from and their atrocities are even to be expected to some extent. But these people, barristers, solicitors, estate agents, valuers, the Official Solicitors, businessmen, Judges et al have been seduced by the opportunity of easy pickings. "When California discovered gold," notes University of Iowa historian Malcolm J. Rohrbough, "the world discovered California. Willingly or not, as a consequence, Americans were about to learn some sobering and exhilarating truths about themselves." Northern Ireland's '49ers' must surely have lost sleep in recent years as they contemplate what they have done - using the full force of the law to rob a virtual child of his inheritance. Jail alone would be too good for the lot of you.]

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