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A letter from Jackson Andrews to me dated 19/3/1982.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Trust estate of Frederick Andrews Deceased.

We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 9th March, 1982 and note that you are not at present agreeable to attend the meeting which we have suggested.

With reference to question (f) of your letter, you may know that our Mr. Foster called up to see your mother at her home on Friday 12th March last, at her request and during that visit he explained to your mother and also to your sister, Mrs. Hamilton, that it was our intention that the meeting should not only discuss the approval of the accountancy fees provided for in the accounts for the years ended 5th April, 1980 and 5th April, 1981 but should also consider the fact that your mother's current account with the trustees has now gone into debit and we felt that the trustees would like to have your approval of this.

As you know, Mr. Burnside retired from this firm on 28th February, 1981 but he still remains a trustee of your father's estate, along with Miss Sullivan. If we were to continue to act as accountants for the Estate, it would be our suggestion that year by year copies of the accounts of your father' estate should be sent not only to the trustees but also to your mother, to yourself, and to your two sisters.

With regard to the remainder of your questions, we reply as follows:-
(a) We would require your mother's consent before we could answer this question.

(b) We would require your mother's consent before we could answer this question.

(c) We have to be careful with regard to issuing information regarding your father's Estate without the consent of Miss Sullivan. Miss Sullivan did not disagree with our sending to your mother copies of the draft accounts in respect of the year ended 5th April 1980 and 5th April, 1981 and it will not be long to the 5th April, 1982 when another year's accounts will have to be made up. We are contacting Miss Sullivan today to seek her permission to send to you copy of the accounts which were made up for your father's Estate from the date of his death on 14th July, 1972 until 5th April, 1979 and also a copy of the draft unapproved accounts for the year ended 5th April, 1980 and 5th April, 1981.

(d) The accounts referred to above will answer this question.

(e) Under your father's will, Mr. Burnside had specific permission to charge for his own professional time occupied in connection with your father's Estate. After his retirement from this firm, we prepared the two separate years accounts which were outstanding assuming that the trustees would require these for their own information and the information of your mother, yourself and your sisters and also because we deal with your mother's personal tax affairs and required in that connection to know what her income was for each year from your father's Estate. If the trustees are so minded, they may not pay us at all for this work in which case, of course, we will cease to act for the trustees.

We will, of course, still continue to act for your mother with regard to her personal tax affairs until she tells us otherwise.

We are sending a copy of this letter to Miss Sullivan and to Mr. Burnside.

Yours faithfully,

Jackson Andrews.

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