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A letter from Jackson Andrews to mother dated 16/4/1982.

Dear Mrs. Andrews,

Estate of Frederick Andrews Deceased

I refer to our letter to you dated 17th February, 1982 and my subsequent meeting with yourself and Mrs. Hamilton at your house on 12th March, 1982.

You will remember that in our letter I was suggesting that there should be a meeting at yur house between yourself, your three daughters, with Miss Sullivan and Mr. Burnside. There would be two items of business:-

1. To approve the estate Accounts and Balance Sheets for the year ended 5th April, 1980 and the year ended 5th April, 1981,

2. To discuss that your own personal account with the Estate has become overdrawn and to seek the consent of your daughters to this.

I have since supplied to your daughter, Mrs. Eileen Wright, and your daughter, Mrs. Vera Douglas, further information and I believe that they are willing to attend a meeting such as we have suggested.

I have been speaking today with Miss Sullivan who is also willing to attend such a meeting and she has suggested Tuesday afternoon, 27th April, for the meeting to be held at 4 Norwood Gardens.

I am sending copies of this letter to your three daughters, to Miss Sullivan and to Mr. Burnside and if I do not hear from you to the contrary with a few days time, I will assume that the arrangements meet with your approval.

I trust you are keeping well and enjoying the Spring weather.

Yours sincerely,

[No signature]

c.c. Mr. J. K. Davis