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A letter from Jackson Andrews to mother dated 17/2/1982.

Dear Mrs. Andrews,

Estate of Frederick Andrews Deceased.

You may recall from our letter dated 28th October, 1981 that we sent you co0ies of the accounts of your late husband's estate for the years ended 5th April, 1980 and 5th April, 1981. These accounts have not been approved by Miss Gwen Sullivan, one of the trustees of the Estate, as she felt unable to accept the amounts provided in those accounts for accountancy fees.

We find, from our correspondence with Miss Sullivan, that we are as yet no nearer a solution to the problem of approving these accounts. As suggested to you in your telephone conversation with our Mr. Foster on 12th January, 1982 we feel that the prudent course of action now is to arrange a meeting at which would be present yourself, your three daughters (as remaindermen of the estate), Miss Sullivan and Mr. Burnside (as trustees of the estate) and our Mr. Foster. It would be hoped that, at such a meeting, we can finalise the accounts for both years and thus enable us to bring up to date both the taxation affairs of the estate and your own personal taxation affairs.

We should therefore be grateful if you would telephone our Mr. Foster in order to arrange a suitable time and place for the meeting.

We are sending copies of this letter to Miss Sullivan and Mr. Burnside to inform them of our suggestion.

Yours faithfully,

Jackson Andrews.

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