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A letter from Judge Lowry to Peter Robinson MP dated November 14th 1985.

Dear Mr. Robinson,

Mrs. Eileen Wright

Please forgive me for not replying more quickly to your letter of 22nd October. I have been very busy during the last fortnight.

I was already in possession of some of the information which I needed in order to answer your letter, because I have had to look into this complex matter on two occasions recently. I thought it best, however, to find out the latest information about a prosecution which, I understand, is pending against a solicitor who has been concerned in the affairs of Mrs. Wright's brother, Mr. Freddie Andrews, a mental patient for whose property the Department of Care and protection has responsibility.

Mrs. Wright wrote to me and, with a view to alleviating her obvious anxiety and satisfying her as far as possible, I spent and hour and a half discussing Mr. Andrew's case with the Official Solicitor, Mr. F. Brian Hall.

My inquiries show that between the death of Mr. Brian Rankin, who was for many years the very diligent and able Official Solicitor (the appointment being then part-time) and the appointment to a new full-time post of Mr. Hall, who is also most diligent and efficient, there was and interval during which Mrs. Wright and other interested parties had reason to feel dissatisfied with the way in which things seemed to be (and, indeed, perhaps were) neglected. This has created a situation in which it has become almost impossible to allay Mrs. Wright's suspicions that the management of her brother's affairs still leaves much to be desired: that is the background.

At the end of last week I inquired about the position with the D.P.P.
He has replied saying that police investigations are not yet complete, but also stated that his own office has a detailed knowledge of events and is prepared to move quickly when the police file is received. I hope this extract from the D.P.P.'s letter will be reassuring:

    "The office file is voluminous and includes many letters and copy letters sent by the sister of the late Mr. Andrews. I believe we are very fully aware of the great anxieties and concern of this lady and I know that my staff have done as much as they can to assure her that investigations are being actively pursued and that matters will not be allowed to go by default."

While it is not my function to supervise the D.P.P., I would like to assure you that both he and I are now exercising personal supervision over this long drawn out affair.

I do not understand Mr. Wrights reference to the supposed short-comings of Mr. hall. I must ask you to accept my categorical assurance that he has done an extremely good job of sorting out a very tangled situation. Further High Court proceedings are already, at his instance, to be heard by a Judge on two dates this Term with a view to the final resolution of the matter. The Official Solicitor, with whom I personally took up the case again since hearing form you has given me this information himself.

Yours sincerely,

Lowry. [Now retired Northern Ireland Lord Chief Justice.]