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Please note that text in red denotes my comments

From John Laing Developments Ltd to me dated 11/7/1990.

Dear Mrs Wright

I write in response to the lette of 3 July which I presume was from you, although it was unsigned. I had not responded to you earlier letter since I must confess that I am at a loss as to how I can help you further.

As I indicated in my letter all our dealings have been with the Official Solicitor and the DoE, as vesting authority for the land and property obtained by compulsory purchase. Where vested lands have been obtained from the DoE (and compensation paid) then, where this related to property for which a rightful claim may be established on your brother's behalf, this compensation will have been paid over by the DoE to the Official Solicitor. Since this is outside my control I have no knowledge of these matters.

Turning to the questions raised in your letters:


    65/69 Smithfield, 1/3 Francis Street. As indicated in my letter this transaction was completed on 1 October 1987 and the sum of 150,000 was paid to the Official Solicitor. I therefore cannot really provide you with any further information since matters after this stage are outside of my knowledge.


    61 Smithfield and 9 Francis Street. As stated in my letter this land was acquired by statutory powers under a compulsory purchase order by the DoE. We then acquired the land from the DoE, paying compensation of 300,000 this sum being the valuation determined and approved by the District Valuer. Since the land was acquired by this route we had no need to investigate title, being entitled to rely on the compulsory purchase process having settled all previous interests and effectively ensuring good title to the property in question.
    Thereafter this sum should have been distributed by the DoE to the various parties holding interests in the site. These arrangements are not something that we are privy to and thus I am unable to comment on to whom the compensation has or will be paid.

    You will see therefore that all issues relating to the previous ownerships of the land and any claims or actions that are pending from such have no effect on the title that we derived from the DoE.

I do believe that the questions raised in your letters impinge upon a range of areas of property law and the administrative trust arrangements of the Official Solicitor. I am unable to advise you on these matters and suggest you seek clarification of these from your lawyer.

I trust that these comments assist.

R M Taylor
Joint Managing Director

[You can see that the sum of 150,000 was paid for part of Freddie's property direct to the Official Solicitor. What did the Official Solicitor do with that money?
You can also see that the 300,000 for another part of Freddie's property was paid to the DoE. Freddie got nothing.
I have written to the DoE to find out what they did with the 300,000 but can get no reply.
I will have more to say about this later.]

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