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Dear Madam

Re: Herbert Wright and Messrs. Tughan & Co

I refer to previous correspondence in the above matters. The Society's investigations into your complaints and those of Mr. Hall are complete.

The Council of the Society on 30th April 1986 decided that Mr. Wright's conduct in this matter ought to be the subject of a complaint to the disciplinary committee by the Society.

As during the time Mr. Wright was dealing with your brother's affairs he was an assistant solicitor in Tughan & Co., the Council thought it appropriate to also refer those solicitors who were partners in that firm between 1973 and 1981, to the disciplinary committee in respect of the supervision of Mr. Wright. The file is now with the Society's own solicitors to prepare the necessary papers and they may be in touch with you in due course.

The Disciplinary Committee is a statutory committee, whose members are appointed by the Lord Chief Justice. It has a wide range of disciplinary powers which it can exercise if the complaints against any of the solicitors are upheld. I would point out however that the Committee cannot order the return of any of your brother's property, that is still a matter for the court.

Yours faithfully

Asst. Secretary