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Letter from Law Society to me dated 17/6/1986.

Dear Madam,

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of 10th June last. As I have already advised you the Society has referred the conduct of Mr. Wright and various partners of Tughan & Co. to the Disciplinary Committee. It will be for that Committee to consider all the points which you have raised in your letter of 10th June. It is therefore not possible for me or any other member of the Secretariat to comment upon those allegations any further. I would suggest that you await communication from the Society's solicitors who will apparently be in touch through your own solicitor Mr. Feran regarding the swearing of an affidavit upon which to ground the allegations against Mr. Wright.
Thereafter all the papers will be sent to the Disciplinary Committee and it will be for that Committee to fix a date for hearing. At this stage it is not possible to estimate when the hearing will be but regrettabley there is nothing further that I or any member of staff can do with regard to the matter.

Yours faithfully

Assistant Secretary

[I understand that Mr. Burgess of Tughan & Co was in the Disciplinary Committee.]

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