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A letter from the Law Society to me dated 22/2/1988.

Dear Mrs Wright

I have received your letter of 14th February.

I can only repeat in response to the various matters which you raise that the Society has done all that it can in relation to your original complaint. The individual solicitor concerned has been referred to the Disciplinary Committee. [Oh yes, Mr. Davey, you are quite correct. The individual, solicitor Herbert Wright, was referred to the Disciplinary Committee, but the case in which he was involved when the Law Society referred Mr. Wright to that Disciplinary Committee had absolutely NOTHING to do with my original complaint. You, Mr. Davey, played exactly to the same game plan as the Official Solicitor's Office, the RUC top brass and the Lord Chancellor's Office to name but a few. You pretended to be taking action on the case of my mentally handicapped brother's plundered property when in fact you were working for another separate act of plundering by Mr. Wright and using this action to seek to delude me and my family into believing that you were working for us. Just how cruel can all you people be? What levels of depravity are you prepared to stoop to in order to actually ASSIST in the plundering carried out by Mr. Wright and his employers Tughan & Co and then indulge in a plethora of correspondence which is nothing but lies and obfuscation.]The decision of the Disciplinary Committee and any comments which that Committee may have made are not a matter within the control of the Society as I have repeatedly advised you previously.

The firm concerned has also been referred to the Disciplinary Committee and you will, as previously promised, be advised of the outcome of that reference also. [Were you actually telling me that your Disciplinary Committee would take action against a firm whose head was a top member of the Law Society? The choice between justice for my brother Freddie and proper punishment for Mr. Burgess was a foregone conclusion. Mr. Burgess and his cronies had to be protected.]

Most of the rest of your letter consists of complaints about people over whom the Society has no control whatsoever. Any complaints you may wish to make about Mr Hall should be made to the Lord Chancellor's Department [This was another useless and toothless Department.] whose responsibility it is to run the Court system. Any complaints you may have about your treatment about any barrister should be referred to the Bar Council [This was another worthless and toothless Department.] who have authority over barristers.

I should perhaps add that if you are dissatisfied with the manner in which the Society has dealt with your case then you can refer the matter to the Lay Observer, Clarendon House, Adelaide Street, Belfast. [This was yet another worthless and toothless Department.] He is charged with the duty of considering the manner in which the Society investigates complaints. He presents a report each year to the Lord Chief Justice, the Head of the Department of Finance and to the Council of the Society.

I cannot see that there is any future in our continuing this correspondence. [Not for either you or your worthless, toothless, corrupt, corrupting, cruel and cheating so-called Law Society.] Accordingly, the next time I write to you will be to advise you of the Disciplinary Committee's decision in relation to Messrs Tughan & Co.

Yours sincerely

Susanne Bryson


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