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A letter from the Law Society to me dated 3/11/1988.

Dear Mrs Wright

I promised to write to you with news of the hearing of the case brought by the Society against the partners of Tughan & Co, the employers of Mr Herbert Wright. The Disciplinary Committee have now considered the case.

For the Disciplinary Committee to find a case of misconduct against a solicitor it must be satisfied that the conduct was both disgraceful and dishonourable. The application of this test to persons who have not themselves carried out work but are responsible for supervising those who do is a difficult process. It has to be accepted that a different degree of supervision will be required as between qualified and unqualified staff and also as between persons with varying degrees of experience.

Having considered all the circumstances of this case the Disciplinary Committee concluded that the conduct of the partners in the firm had not been dishonourable and disgraceful and that consequently the allegations should be dismissed.

Yours sincerely


[Well, there are no surprises there given that the senior member of Tughan & Co, Mr. Burgess, was a senior member of the Law Society as well. Readers will judge for themselves from the evidence on this website whether the senior members of Tughan & Co acted in a disgraceful and dishonourable way. Readers will also judge for themselves from the evidence on this website whether the Law Society and its Disciplinary Committee acted in a disgraceful and dishonourable way.]

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