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Letter from the Law Society to me dated 6/3/1986.

Dear Madam

Re: your brother, Fred Andrews and Herbert Wright, Solicitor.

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of 5th March 1986.

Because of the serious nature of your allegations against Mr. Wright, I have been making further enquiries of my own. The Society has now received an official complaint about Mr. Wright's conduct from Mr. Hall the Official Solicitor and I shall ask the Practice Committee to consider all aspects of the allegations made by you and by Mr. Hall against Mr. Wright. I would re-iterate that the Society's role is a disciplinary one and if the Society's investigations uphold the complaints a reference may be made to the Disciplinary Committee which can impose disciplinary sanctions of a wide ranging nature. This action of course would not in any way assist in your efforts to rectify the problems which have arisen in your brother's financial affairs.

With regard to your allegations against Mr. Hall, I would point out again that as the Official Solicitor and the Committee representing your brother, Mr. Hall is answerable to the court alone, for his actions. I do not therefore think that the Society could properly investigate your allegations against him as it could if he were an ordinary solicitor. I have already given you the Society's Information Sheet No. 3 and you will see from reading that that the type of allegations which you are making against Mr. Hall do not cfome within the Society's jurisdiction. The information sheet however is not the definitive document on the Society's powers and if you were to make a complaint against Mr. Hall it would be given careful consideration. You might wish to consider consulting with your own solicitor on this matter and if he believes there are grounds for complaint about Mr. Hall's conduct then he should make the complaint on your behalf.

The Practice committee will meet on 13th March and I shall write to you again advising of its decision shortly thereafter.

Yours faithfully

Asst. Secretary

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