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Please note that text in red denotes my comments

The Law Society to me dated 6/5/1987

Dear Mrs Wright

Mrs. Neeson has referred your letter of 6th April to me.

A certain amount of the information you have sought is already contained in Mrs. Neeson's letter to you of 10th March. To be more specific in relation to the various queries which you have raised I would say as follows:

1. The complaint made to the Committee against Mr. Wright was that in his dealings with your brother's affairs and in regard to the investment of certain funds he had been guilty of unprofessional conduct and conduct tending to bring the solicitors profession in disrepute. These complaints were upheld.

[Mr. Davey is an intelligent man otherwise he would not be in this high-profile and highly-responsible position of Secretary of the Law Society of Northern Ireland. For Mr. Davey to state that complaints into solicitor Herbert Wright's handling of my brother's affairs were upheld can only be described as a deliberate lie. Mr. Davey knew that nobody - but NOBODY and especially the Law Society - has ever dealt properly with anybody's handling of my brother's affairs.]

2. The matter of compensation is not one which either this Society or the Disciplinary Committee has any power to consider or to award. If your brother has suffered any loss as a result of any negligence on Mr. Wright's part then he may be entitled to be compensated for that loss. That would be amatter for the ordinary Courts to decide and upon which I think you have already sought advice.

[Mr. Davey states, "If your brother has suffered any loss as a result of any negligence on Mr. Wright's part..." Surely if Mr. Davey had lost as much as Freddie has lost, he would be aware of it and if as Mr. Davey states in paragraph 1, MY complaints against solicitor Wright's handling of Freddie's affairs had been upheld, surely Mr. Davey would have been the first to know the extent of Freddie's loss. Mr. Davey goes on to say that Freddie "...may be entitled to be compensated for that loss..." If Mr. Davey had lost as much as Freddie, Mr. Davey would surely have considered himself entitled to compensation.]

3. I would confirm what Mrs. Neeson has said, namely that so far as the professional aspects of the case are concerned the disciplinary Committee is the final state of the complaint. If you wish to communicate with the Committee I can arrange to have any letter which you may send forwarded to them.

[What a filthy, dirty profession.]

It would be unusual, however, for any such Committee to engage in correspondence by way of discussion of its findings. I have, however, answered your questions to the best of my ability.

[I'm afraid Mr. Davey's answers do not say much for his ability or should I say professional ability.]

I hope you will realise in the light of my comments that there is nothing further that the Society can do in relation to Mr. Wright's case and that the file must be regarded as closed.

[I can assure Mr. Davey that while Mr. Wright's case file may be regarded as closed especially now that he is deceased, the file on the Law Society's conduct in my brother's affairs is very much open.]

Yours sincerely



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