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From the N.I. Law Society to me dated 8/4/1986.

Dear Madam

RE: Frederick Andrews, a patient -
Complaints against various solicitors

I refer to previous correspondence in this matter relating to your letters of complaint about various solicitors and the present position is as follows:

Herbert Wright:

This Society is still considering the complaints made by you and Mr. Hall against Mr. Wright. Furter information has been sought and I hope to be able to write to you further on this particular matter with the next 3 weeks.

Brian Hall:

The Practice Committee considered your complaints against Mr. Hall. The Committee took the view that your complaints were against Mr. Hall in his official capacity as Committee for Frederick. As Committee, Mr. Hall is directly answerable to the court and therefore any complaint you have against Mr. Hall would have to be directed to the court. In these circumtances the Society is unable to pursue your complaint against Mr. Hall any further.

I have been informed that there is a further hearing of your brother's case on Friday, 11th April next. You should therefore consult with your solicitor, Mr. Fearon with a view to considering whether you should complain to the court about Mr. Hall's conduct.

Herbert McCracken:

The Practice Committee considered your complaint against Mr. McCracken and noted that when he acted for you, senior and junior counsel were briefed. The Committee took the view that on the basis of the information before it there were no grounds for complaint against Mr. McCracken and therefore no further action can be taken by the Society.

Yours faithfully

Asst. Secretary

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