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Undated letter (probably November 1988) from Law Society to me.

Dear Mrs Wright

Your letter of 30th October arrived here when I was on holiday, hence the delay in replying.

Your letter really contains three complaints. One against Mr. Wright, one against Mr. Gilpin and one against the Courts on the basis that they failed to protect your brother. Of these three the only one against whom this Society can take any action or conduct any investigation is Mr. Wright. That has been done; [This is simply not true and Mr. Davey knew it was not true. It is worse than not true. Since this statement has been put in writing by a highly educated man in the very responsible position of Secretary of the Law Society, Mr. Davey was aware that the Disciplinary Committee certainly did deal against Mr. Wright, but this particular case had no bearing whatsoever on Mr. Wright's conduct against the interests of my brother, Freddie. The case which the Committee dealt with so efficiently was concerning Mr. Wright's conduct against the interests of the Ryland Vehicle Group. Mr. Davey knew that the Committee did not suspend Mr. Wright because of his conduct against my brother, Freddie. In fact the whole legal army did their utmost to prevent any Court or Committee from even taking a serious look at Mr. Wright's conduct or anyone else's conduct against my brother, Freddie.] his case has been referred to the Disciplinary Committee and he has been suspended from practice. The complaints against Mr. Gilpin and the Courts are not a matter for the Society. We simply do not have the power to conduct any investigation or to take any action in those regards. I am naturally sorry that you should feel the way you do but I am afraid that there is nothing which the Society can do to help you.

Yours sincerely


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