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A letter from the Law Society to Mr. John Taylor MP dated 14/10/1988.

Dear Mr Taylor

Thank you for your letter of 10th October with regard to Mrs Eileen Wright.

I have been in correspondence with Mrs Wright from time to time with regard to the progress of this matter. She made, in effect, two complaints one against a solicitor having carriage of the matter and one against the firm. The complaint against the solicitors [I have typed the word "solicitors" as it is in the Law Society letter.] having carriage was brought before the Disciplinary Committee sometime ago. The solicitor concerned was suspended from practice and Mrs Wright was informed accordingly.

The complaint against the firm involved was of a more complex nature. A number of procedural difficulties arose during the course of its presentation to the Disciplinary Committee. These have been resolved and I expect the case to be finally disposed of before the end of this current month. I will be writing to Mrs Wright, as I promised to do, to advise her of the result.

Yours sincerely


[This is a monstrous act of lying to a Member of Parliament by the Secretary of the Northern Ireland Law Society. In the first paragraph of this letter the word "solicitors" should have read "solicitor". The sentence should read: "The complaint against the solicitor having carriage was brought before the Disciplinary Committee sometime ago." This is just not true and Mr. Davey knows it is not true. He went on, quote: "The solicitor concerned was suspended from practice and Mrs Wright was informed accordingly." In fact the solicitor referred to was not suspended with regard to ANYTHING to do with his conduct in the plunder of my mentally handicapped brother Freddie's property. He was suspended because of his conduct in obtaining 375,000 from the Ryland Vehicle Company which complained of this conduct. Mr. Davey, just like Mr. Hall and the RUC top brass, were very concerned to make it look as though action was being taken on my brother Freddie's behalf when in fact and in practice no action was taken on Freddie's behalf. Solicitor Herbert Wright in practice stole Freddie's deed to 60-65 Smithfield Square and actually went through a 'sale' of this property to the Ryland Vehicle Group without permission from Freddie, who was unfit to give that permission, without his family's permission or without proper legal permission from the Courts. My continual complaints to the Ryland Vehicle Group at this outrageous conduct motivated the Ryland Vehicle Group to take action against Herbert Wright for the illegal possession of their 375,000, but nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, was done by the Official Solicitors, the RUC or the Law Society about Herbert Wright's illegal and criminal theft of this property from my mentally handicapped brother. This is damnable conduct by a State Official.]

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