Please note that text in red denotes my comments

Letter from the Law Society to Me dated 21/12/1987.

Dear Mrs Wright

Thank you for your letter of 22nd November.

I am afraid I cannot say anything more with regard to Mr Wright than what has been said already. As I have explained, the Disciplinary Committee is a completely separate body to the Society. The Society has no control over its selection, nor what its members do or say. The Society's function is merely to present the circumstances of the case to the Committee.
Adjudicating on the circumstances is a matter for the Committee alone.

It is not in fact correct to say that Mr Wright has been singled out for attention and that the remainder of the firm of Tughan & Co has not. There are still proceedings pending before the Committee in relation to the partners of Tughan & Co. When those proceedings have been concluded you will, as the original complainant, be advised of the result.

Finally, you mention the possibility of taking legal proceedings. In that connection I enclose a copy of the "Legal Aid List" showing firms of solicitors and the kind of work they undertake. This should assist you in finding a solicitor to undertake whatever work you require.

Yours sincerely