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Law Society 'Take Action', July 10th 1986.

This letter was sent to me by Culbert & Martin (Incorporating J. T. Farrell & Co.), Solicitors, Scottish Provident Buildings, 7 Donegall Square West, Belfast. BT1 6JB. Our reference DMc/EZ. July 10th 1986.

Dear Mrs Wright

Complaint against Herbert Wright and Messrs. Taylor & Co.

At the beginning of May my firm was instructed to act on behalf of the Law Society of Northern Ireland in respect of the reference to the Disciplinary Committee.

I have just completed my examination, and re-examination of the Society's voluminous file and I am in the process of preparing the papers for submission.

The Society's case will be made in 3 affidavits:

1. An affidavit by Mr. Michael C. Davey, Secretary of the Society, which will deal with the technical aspects of the case and set out the allegations;

2. An affidavit by Mr. Brian Hall, Official Solicitor, which will briefly outline the complaint, as evidenced by his extensive enquiries as your brothers Committee;

3. An affidavit by yourself, which will briefly outline your complaint, as a relative of your brother.

These affidavits are then lodged, together with an application, with the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee. The Committee will then decide if a case has been established, and if so, order an Inquiry. At the Inquiry, we will present the Society's case, and the affidavit evidence is usually accepted, although you may be required to attend to give evidence orally, under oath.

I have prepared the affidavit which is enclosed herewith together with our cheque for 3.00. (The affidavit must be sworn in front of a Solicitor, and the fee is 3.00). As the evidence is under oath please read it carefully to check that it is correct before it is sworn.

A stamped addressed envelope is enclosed for the return of the document.

Yours sincerely,