Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter from the Lord Chancellor's Department to me dated 20/4/1984.

Dear Mrs Wright

I have considered your letter of 30 March very carefully but I fear that there is very little which I can usefully add to what I have said in previous correspondence.

It is not possible for the Lord Chancellor, or myself as his representative, to intervene in, or comment upon the merits of, an individual case before a court.
It is for the court, and the court alone, to determine any issue which you wish to raise. (Again I respectfully suggest that before embarking on any proceedings you should obtain professional advice from a solicitor of your choice, noting that you have decided to discharge the solicitor and counsel who have been acting for you.)

I am sorry that it is not possible for me to be more helpful.

Yours sincerely


[I did, and the family did, engage solicitors of our choice, but Brian Hall always intervened and wrote to them and any MPs we contacted.]