Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter to me from the Lord Chancellor's Office dated 24/5/1984.

Dear Mrs Wright

Thank you for your letter which I received on 3 May and the copy of your letter dated 1 May to Mr Peter Robinson MP which was enclosed with it.

There is again very little I can add to what I have already said in previous letters. The main point is that it is not correct to say, as you do in your letter to Mr Robinson, that the Official Solicitor can be approached only by a solicitor. Indeed, I understand that you have been invited by the court on several occasions to submit to him written details of any other question, issue or relevant information which you wish brougth to attention. I believe that it would be helpful to your interest to have professional assistance, but that must be a matter for you.

I am not aware that Messrs Cleaver, Fulton and Rankin are returning fees to your brother and therefore cannot comment on that point in your letter.

I am sorry that you feel let down because it is not possible for the Lord Chancellor to intervene in a matter which is before a court. On his behalf I can only say that following extensive inquiries I am fully satisfied that, under the direction of the court, everything possible is being done in furtherance of your brother's interests.

Yours sincerely