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A letter from the office of the Lord Chief Justice to me dated 23/11/1988.

Dear Mrs Wright,

I am in receipt of your recent undated letter in reply to mine of 14th November and it has been considered by Lord Justice MacDermott.

As I have told you many times if there are fresh matters which require judicial determination then you should raise the matters by means of an application to Court. That is the correct way to proceed - not by persistent correspondence.

Yours sincerely,


[I received a number of letters confirming that Lord Justice MacDermott received or had sight of a number of my letters. This means that he was very well aware of the depth of distress felt by me and members of our family at the state of our brother's affairs as "directed by the Court". This is a most serious matter for this Judge who ignored all our concerns and places a question mark over his personal integrity and legal impartiality in making judicial decisions affecting our brother's affairs.]

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