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Letter from the Office of the Lord Chief Justice to me dated 25/7/1988.

Dear Mrs. Wright,


Your letter of 28th June has been considered by Lord Justice MacDermott together with a report submitted by Master Hall upon the matters discussed at a meeting held on the afternoon of Friday 24th June last at which you and other members of the Patient's family attended with your legal representatives, the Official Solicitor and the social worker involved in the case. It is clear that every effort was made during that meeting to deal with the personal and domestic needs of the Patient and to clarify any points in the case about which there might still be any legitimate misunderstanding.

During the meeting no new or additional information regarding the patient's affairs was produced but it was suggested that if, after further consideration of your position, you should wish to make any formal submission to the Court you should do so with the assistance of your own solicitor.

Yours sincerely,

R. T. Millar,

Legal Secretary