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A letter from the Office of the Lord Chief Justice to me dated 28/10/1986.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

I am in rceipt of your letter of 26th October and note its contents.

As you are aware your brother is a Ward of Court and the Official Solicitor has been acting on his behalf. If you have any evidence to support your claim that your brother's assets have been dissipated since your father's death you should in writing set out the facts that you say sustain that alegation.

You should send that factual material to the Official Solicitor for his consideration. A private meeting with a Judge is not the correct way to proceed.

Yours sincerely,

R. T. Millar,
Legal Secretary

[First of all my brother was not a Ward of Court but a Patient in Care according to Official Solicitor Deirdre Bowers. Secondly, I had been writing to Official Solicitors for years, sending factual material which was completely ignored. Of course, the Official Solicitors had no time for factual material as their criminal agenda had no place for it.]

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