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Letter from Lord Chief Justice's Legal Secretary R T Millar to me dated 14/11/88.

Dear Mrs. Wright,


Your letter of 8th November and the copy of your letter dated 28th October 1988 addressed to Master Hall, have been considered by Lord Justice MacDermott. [What was HIS considered opinion?]

It is known that your request to have copies of accounts, bank statements and income tax returns relating to the Patient's affairs has been made of several occasions and that it was discussed during a long meeting [You know and I know, Mr. Millar, that there was no long meeting. We were told in no uncertain manner that we "must not speak until Brian Hall said the word 'Comment'. He even intimidated the solicitors present to the extent that they dared not speak."] held on Friday 24th June 1988 at which you attended with your solicitor. The Official Solicitor has reported upon the outcome of that meeting and has indicated that in her view it is neither necessary nor appropriate for the detailed information which you seek to be furnished to any member of the Patient's family. [And why not? Why must my mentally-handicapped brother's financial records be kept secret from his family? I will tell you why, Mr. Millar, Mrs. Bowers and other Official Solicitors and even Lord Justice MacDermott.
My mentally-handicapped brother's estate has been plundered not only by Messrs Gilpin and Tughan & Co., but the plunder has been continued by Official Solicitor after Official Solicitor to the extent that if these accounts are made known, the whole legal and judicial system would be the laughing stock of the world. You people are not protecting anyone except your selves. You are not working within the law of this land. You are operating a law of your own and lining your pockets at my mentally-handicapped brother's expense. This is why you DARE not publish the accounts of my mentally-handicapped brother whom I thought I was protecting when my family put him in the care of the Courts. How wrong we were. How wrong everybody who thinks there is any kind of protection to be had at any of your hands are? You are a blight on this society. You are worse than the criminals you and your fellow lawyers keep punishing because you are supposed to represent the law. You are cheats, liars, hypocrites. You should read Matthew's Gospel, Chapter 23. You should hang your heads in shame except for the fact that none of you have any.]

You have already been informed of your right to apply to the Court in regard to any matter with which you are dissatisfied.
I should point out, however, that it is clear that any formal application you may make to obtain copies of financial records of the Patient [Oh, no, Mr. Millar, as you know, you really do not have any financial records for the Patient, the financial records you have are what might be left now after years of plunder. But those financial records WILL materialise in time, but they won't be what you and your colleagues are intent on hiding at this time.]will be opposed by the Official Solicitor and you should therefore seek the assistance and advice of you own solicitor before applying to the Court.

Yours sincerely,

R.T. Millar,
Legal Secretary