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A letter from the Office of the Lord Chief Justice to me dated 16/12/1985.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Thank you for your letter of 12th December and enclosure which I have shown to Mr. Justice MacDermott.[Since Mr. Justice MacDermott was the judge referred to in this letter, he would know that I have spoken the truth about what happened in Court. He is not a stupid man and must have also known that I was speaking the truth in the other matters referred to in this same letter. Why, why, why then, did the Judge pass my letter on to the man I was accusing of serious wrong-doing without some sort of investigation. The Judge was totally wrong for allowing Mr. Hall to continue in charge of Freddie's case. The Judge, at least, should have put another official in charge of Freddie's case until our family's concerns were addressed.
Why did the Judge proceed with Freddie's case when he knew that the evidence in the hands of the RUC Fraud Squad was not being presented in his Court. In fact, only one month previously the RUC told my MP Peter Robinson that they were still attending to their investigation. I have to challenge the Judge's conduct and state that his conduct is far from impartial. I have to state that the Judge's conduct must be scrutinised at the highest level.]

He has directed me to send it on to the Official Solicitor (Mr. Hall) for his consideration.

Yours sincerely,

R.T. Millar,
Legal Secretary.

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