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My letter to solicitor Patrick Sheridan dated 27/4/1997.

Dear Patrick,
I write in response to a letter from Mr Redpath which you forwarded to me on 26th April 1997 dated 13th March.

The enclosed letter is totally unacceptable. Has Mr Redpath ever given you straight answers to questions?
I never read such a confused and misleading letter.

I refuse to accept that anyone would spend time when there is such a 'staff shortage' writing such rubbish.

Mr Redpath must have been a member of a football team at one time. He does have the ability to do a bit of fancy footwork when he gets into difficulties.

I should not have to spend the rest of my life correcting correspondence from the Official Solictior's Office or its representatives. What must I do to avoid having to deal with incompetent correspondence.

Yours sincerely,

Eileen Wright.

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