Please note that text in red denotes my comments

I sent this letter to John on November 3rd 2003.

Dear John,

Your article was fantastic and 100% correct. As you know, the two year in-depth investigation by the late Det M Patterson (who was recommended to us by a leading journalist at that time) exposed the crimes of fraud, forgery, malpractice and misappropriation. What happened to this evidence? The RUC also took material from our family solicitors and never gave it back. Can it be located? There are cases brought up that happened 20 and thirty years ago, why not Freddie's? It would appear that mental patients are still treated as second class citizens. I got no help from the Mental Health Commission or the Mental Health Association.

I am now 81 years of age; I don't want to leave Freddie in "care" of the so called Courts. They would prefer to protect the legal profession involved in the disposal of his entire valuable estate. I keep well away from the official solicitors of the Supreme Court; it was the worst move we ever made. My husband being a Principal of a school wrote most of the letters and my late sister Vera and I added our remarks. I signed (being Freddie's sister) the letters so that's why I have been verbally abused by all solicitors.

I would love you to write another article, giving me the opportunity to let everyone know that I am alive and well and mean to carry on fighting. Nothing will shut me up - I have to live through all this - it has been no picnic. No one should be afraid of the truth.

I have thought of writing a book, unfortunately I don't get much free time.

You'll never believe me, I am now living opposite the solicitor who bought Tara House for 38.000 and sold it for well over 400,000. I'll hardly get a wave!

The greed of Christian entrepreneur C Gilpin and his cohorts is unbelievable. The Court spent more time trying to undermine my credibility than protecting Freddie's rights.

I understand 100,000 was handed over by Brian Hall, second official solicitor. I was not asked to this meeting; nephews and nieces whom I have never seen since we moved in 24 years ago got 12.500. Could these nephews and nieces not wait until Freddie got to enjoy some of his own money before he dies? Never once have I had a phone call to enquire as to Freddie's health or his needs, by the Office of the official solicitor. I was given this house at this meeting. I think Brian Hall thought it would shut me up. I'll keep fighting as long as I can.

I am going to write to the Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer (press article enclosed) to let him know how mental patients are treated in N. Ireland. I mean also to send a copy of your article; if you don't mind.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who were not afraid to print the truth.

Anyone interested in calling, including yourself will be very welcome (it has been many years since you came to the house). It was well worth while to get such a good write-up.

Perhaps you will give me a phone call - I have a "big office" full of all my mails, press cuttings, etc and letters from various solicitors who never made any attempt to support me. I am afraid I have no money left. I gave the last one 3,000 and I never heard from him since.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Eileen Wright.