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E A Simpson from the Lord Chancellor's Department, Windsor House, Bedford Street, Belfast, wrote the following letter to me on 14 May 1990.

Dear Mrs Wright,

I write in reply to your letter of 10 March 1990. The Lord Chancellor has also sent to me for reply your letter to him dated 2 April 1990.

Your letters make allegations of fraud and malpractice in relation to the administration of the property of your brother, Mr Frederick Andrews. I am satisfied that these allegations are ill-founded.

It is desirable that I should make certain matters quite clear to you and the matters which I wish to stress are these:

(i) Your brother's property was administered under the direction of the High Court. If you wish to challenge or criticise any step which has been taken in relation to your brother's property you may do so by applying to the High Court for a ruling, and if you are dissatisfied with any ruling which may be given by the High Court it would be open to you to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

(2)If you have any grounds for alleging the commission of criminal offences you should place those grounds before the Royal Ulster Constabulary for their consideration. The Royal Ulster Constabulary is the appropriate body to investigate allegations of criminal conduct. I must also add that it is completely untrue to suggest that the former Official Solicitor had any power to stop a criminal investigation. The Royal Ulster Constabulary is in no way subject to control by the Official Solicitor in its investigation of alleged crimes.

I note that you state in your letter of 10 March:

"I appointed solicitors and even a QC but not one had the courage to stand up and speak on my behalf. They also preferred to stay silent."

I would suggest that the reason why your solicitors and Queen's Counsel did not make the case which you wished them to make was because they must have recognised that your allegations had no valid grounds to support them.

Yours sincerely

E A Simpson.

[What a load of tripe coming from a senior Government civil servant. The contents of this letter directly implicate the Office of the Lord Chancellor in this totally sick fraud. These were not allegations, but factual evidence provided by the RUC fraud squad officers which the RUC top brass put a lid on and covered it all up. Why?
It is a matter of wonder to me just how many civil service man/woman hours, days, weeks, months and years are wasted in telling lies both in writing and by omission. E A Simpson is receiving a large whack of taxpayers' money each month, money which taxpayers earn honestly. Our family paid our share of tax over many years. Here is a civil servant, so-called, who is treating my family like fools. E A Simpson, like many more civil servants, lawyers and members of the police force are criminally sick people.]