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Letter From Law Society To Me - December 2nd 1988.

Dear Mrs Wright

Thank you for your letter of 17th November.

You should not take any of my letters as expressing any view one way or the other about the findings of the Disciplinary Committee. Nor should you imagine that my writing to you was in any way influenced by the recent interest shown by the Hon Mr John Taylor, MP. I wrote in discharge of my promise to you. I hope you would agree that I have responded to your correspondence at all times.

The test of disgraceful and dishonourable behaviour, which is laid down for cases of this kind by the House of Lords, is always a difficult one to apply. The phrase imports a high degree of misconduct. [Nonsense, Mr. Davey, it should not be difficult for a professional man to do what he is highly paid to do. It is just that you and people in the Disciplinary Committee refuse to acknowledge the high degree of misconduct that has taken place in my brother's case] It has also been laid down that in cases of this sort the standard of proof must be beyond reasonable doubt. [There is so little doubt, Mr. Davey, that even the RUC are even assisting you to keep the lid on it.] This is a similar sort of level of proof as is required in a criminal case. It would appear that the Disciplinary Committee did not consider that burden of proof was satisfied.

You mention the possibility of Messrs. Tughan & Co being in breach of Section 5 of the Criminal Law Act 1967. That would be a matter for the Police. If the Police wish to investigate the case then the Society will give whatever assistance it can in any such investigation. So far as the Society itself is concerned there is nothing further which can be done. QED!

Yours sincerely