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A letter from solicitors Madden & Finucane to Official Solicitor dated 10/10/1996.

Dear Sir,

Re: Frederick Andrews - 1978/516: our client - Mrs Eileen Wright

We refer to the above and to the meeting held today between Miss Johnson of your office and Mr Madden and Mr Sheridan of our office.

As discussed, we request the following:

1. Confirmation of the value of the estate at the time when Frederick Andrews came under the care of the Official Solicitor and the supervision of the Court.

2. Copies of the annual accounts showing the balance of the estate at the end of each financial year during which Mr Andrews was under the care of the Official Solicitor and the supervision of the Court.

3. That, although Mrs Wright is still considering the possibiity of applying for Controllership of Mr Andrews' affairs, in the interim, immediate consideration is given to making sizeable distributions from Mr Andrews' estate. We would further request that the distributions are at least sufficient to reduce the estate to below the "nil rate threshold" for inheritance Tax purposes.

4. A short synopsis of the various actions, whether before courts or other triunals, which have been held in relation to Mr Andrews; this synopsis may obviate the necessity for the photocopying of voluminous files and therefore is in the interests of all concerned.

We thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours faithfully

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