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Two letters from Madden & Finucane 27//9/1995.

[I am placing these two letters written on the same day from solicitors Madden & Finucane on the same page for a special reason. As you will see the first letter is to the Official Solicitor seeking information on Freddie's affairs as held in the Office of the Official Solicitor.
The second, and truly remarkable letter, is to the late Paul Foot asking him to supply them with similar information which is in his possession.
It is a measure of Madden & Finucane's lack of confidence, to say the least, in the Official Solicitor's willingness to supply information which the Official Solicitor has often stated is readily available to legal representatives, that they feel they have to approach a journalist for help as a last resort.]

Letter Number One.

Dear Sir,

Re: Freddie Andrews (junior)

Further to our letter of 25 September 1995.

We confirm that our Mr. Madden will attend your offices tomorrow at 9.30am to inspect the files and documents relating to the above named.

In the meantime, however we think it would be helpful if you would let us have the following:

1. A short history or schedule of Freddie's affairs during the time he was in the care of the Official Solicitor.
2. A detailed account of all the financial transactions carried out by the Official Solicitor's office during the same period, to include all bank statements, lodgment books etc.
3. Copies of all reports of the Official Solicitor's Office for the High Court.
4. All social workers or DHSS reports relating to Freddie's welfare.
5. All documents and correspondence relating to the disposal of Freddie's properties.
6. All documents and records relating to the Official Solicitor's Office complaint to the Law Society on Freddie's behalf which resulted in disciplinary proceedings and the Police investigation and conviction of Herbert Wright Solicitor of Tughan & Company, Solicitors, Belfast.

Finally, we would be obliged if you would let us know why you feel that it is necessary for Freddie's affairs to remain under your control and why you consider that Mrs. Wright should not be appointed as a Committee to look after Freddie's affairs, particularly when she has lived with him and looked after him for over 20 years. So the Official Solicitor told Madden & Finucane that I should not be appointed as a Committee when in fact I am doing practically everything for my brother anyway. Firstly, this is an infringement of the Committee Code, and secondly, High Court Judge MacDermott in his High Court Judgement at paragraph five, quote,

"In passing, I would add that Mrs. Wright, who now lives with her husband with the Patient and their mother in Norwood Gardens, offered to undertake the duties of Committee of the Patient's person. As the person who is now in fact looking after the Patient's daily needs, and also her mother a lady now in her 90s, this seems a most helpful suggestion and one which the Official Solicitor indicated that he was very willing to accept.

This is a shocking and criminal disinforming of a High Court Judge by the Official Solicitor. It is and has been the prime object of the Office of Official Solicitor to retain complete control of my mentally-handicapped brother's estate and affairs, but more about this elsewhere.

Yours faithfully,

Letter Number Two.

Dear Mr Foot,

Re: Eileen Wright and Freddie Andrews

We have taken over the case and now represent Mrs. Wright.

In your article of 13 September 1991 in the Daily Mirror you raised a number of questions with the Official Solicitor. We would be obliged if you would let us have copies of any correspondence you received from the Official Solicitor or indeed any correspondence or documentation which could help us in pursuing Mrs. Wright's instructions, which are to establish the whereabouts of the proceeds of all property owned by her brother Freddie.

We know that you have spent considerable time and effort in investigating this matter and any help which you can give us will be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,