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A letter from solicitor McAteer to Probate & Matrimonial Office dated 20/5/1992.

Dear Sirs


We enclose herewith papers to obtain Grant of Probate on behalf of Mrs Betty Hamilton, the residuary legatee under the Will of the above Deceased.

We would refer in particular to our Mr McAteer's conversation with Mr Hugh Ferguson on Wednesday 29 April last during which it was agreed that under the circumstances pertaining in this case he would accept the present application as it stands. [Given Mr. McAteer's conduct in Freddie's and my mother's affairs, I would be very interested to know what 'circumstances' he is referring to and why Mr. Ferguson agreed to accept an application which those 'circumstances' would seem to have made the application somewhat out the ordinars.......]

We would confirm that following our application to obtain Grant of Probate in October 1991, letters were written to the solicitors who had prepared the Will and, at their invitation, letters were written on two occasions to the solicitor who had originally acted. When we received no response to our correspondence a further five letters were addressed to the firm of solictiors, however, we still did not receive a satisfactory response.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully
McAteer & Co

Ciaran M J McAteer