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From solicitors McKinty and Wright to Roy Beggs MP dated 30/3/1990.

Dear Sir,

Re. Knight & Others (McConnell Martin) v Construction News

(International Thomson Publishing Limited)

We should be grateful for your help. We act for the Defendant International Thomson Publishing Limited, publisher of "Construction news", in a libel action which has been brought by Mr D A Knight, Mr J Hood, Mr R E Mairs and Mr R D R McConnell in Belfast. The action turns upon the story which appeared in Construction News on 2nd October 1986, relating to the Gilpin/Freddie Andrews affair.

The action has been provisionally listed for trial in the High Court in Belfast during the two-week period beginning on Monday 21st May 1990.

We have to appear before a Judge on Monday 23rd April to say whether any day or days during that two-week period would be particularly suitable or unsuitable to us and to our witnesses, and in addition we have to give prior notice to the court if we propose to say on 23rd April that any of our witnesses is totally unable to attend court during the whole of the two week period.

We are advised in the matter by leading counsel, who has advised that we may have to ask you to attend to give evidence for our client. That being so, we should be grateful if you could confirm that you will be available to attend the trial during the two-week period beginning Monday 21st May, and if you could say whether any day or days during that period would be particularly unsuitable as far as you are concerned.

Additionally, we and our clients hope to consult with counsel in Belfast during the week commencing Monday 23rd April or possibly during the week after that. Here again we should be grateful if you could confirm your availability and preferences during that period, so that we may arrange the consultation and ask for you to attend.

Yours faithfully,

McKinty and Wright.

[McConnell & Martin were involved and yet they were able to take Constructin News up for libel - another Jefrey Archer case! I meant to get in touch with Construction news.]

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