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My letter to Mr. Chambers, Care and Protection Office, Law Courts, dated 15/11/1985.

Dear Mr. Chambers,

Over seven years ago I put my brother, Freddie, into the Care of the Courts in order to have all his properties returned and his affairs investigated, but unfortunately this has not been done.
What is the Official Solicitor's role with regard to Freddie? We are unaware of what his duties are as we have had no communication to enlighten us as to what he is doing. We understood his duty was to protect Freddie's interest but so far we have seen no evidence of this.
Your office appears to be kept in the dark as to what Mr. Hall is doing according to your letter to me stating that it appeared that Freddie had all his properties except his home! Has your office been informed of what properties my father gave to Freddie? Who bought them and where is the money? Was this money lodged in Freddie's account, and if so, by whom? I hope you inderstand that Freddie did not have a personal account as all was lodged under the names of Mr. Herbert Wright (late of Tughan & Co) and Mr. C. Gilpin in the Industrial Bank in Bangor.
Mr. Hall did stage a Court Hearing with regard to the price of Freddie's home but the legality of the sale was never disputed. This has yet to be brought before the Courts.
Mr. Hall engaged Senior Counsel who appeared to be there to protect the occupier of Freddie's home, Mr. Hall's valuer and Mr. Hall himself rather than the legitimate owner of 14 Castlehill Road. The valuer Mr. Hall provided was not independent as Mr. Hall had already used him against Freddie's interest. Could your office please explain why Mr. Hall put us through an expensive Court Hearing that proved nothing? He stated then that there wouild be another hearing in a month's time - that was nine months ago! Is this Court Hearing a figment of Mr. Hall's imagination?
The family insist that we be kept informed of any developments. Could your office, Mr. Chambers, give us any information as to what is happening? Is Mr. Hall not answerable to your office? We have been, as it appears your office has been, kept completely in the dark. Surely it should not take seven years to expose fraud and criminal acts?
Dr. Lyons, one of the most respected psychiatrists in Northern Ireland made a statement to the Fraud Squad saying that Freddie would have no understanding or knowledte of what he was signing - therefore all deals done on Freddie's behalf are null and void. Mr. Hall should have made sure that Dr. Lyons was in the Court to speak on Freddie's behalf instead of leaving Freddie with no protection whatsoever.
May I take this opportunity to thank you, Mr. Chambers, Mrs Bratten and all in the Care and Protection Office for their understanding and kindness over the years which has been very much appreciated. Nevertheless if your Office is not getting the correct information from Mr. Hall, Freddie is not getting the protection he deserves. Therefore we would like your offfice now to set in motion the procedure to have Freddie's affairs taken away from the Official Solicitor's Office and control.
We would also like to make you aware that my mother, 90 next month, is blind, incontinent and bed-ridden, yet Mr. Hall has been sending her official documents that she cannot even read or assimilate.
We have now had to put her through the expense of providing a solicitor to protect her from this harrassment. According to my mother's doctor (certificate enclosed) she has not many weeks to live so could you ask Mr. Hall to refrain from annoying her. We want her last days to be spent in peace and we connot understand why Mr. hall persists in attacking our family. Should he not be concerned with those criminally involved instead of wasting his time sending mail that my mother cannot read or understand? We thought the Official Solicitor's duty was to protect Freddie and only him and not to harrass anyone who cannot protect themselves, like my 90 year old mother.
Any further mail sent to my mother from Mr. Hall will be sent straight back to his office.
I understand Mr. Davison is up and about but my nephew says he will need six months to recuperate. I am sure you are overwhelmed with work but please, as soon as ever possible, put our request to have Freddie's affairs removed from the Official Solicitor's Offce and control, to the powere that be.
Could we please have an answer to this latter so that we may be able to see that Freddie is being properly looked after with regard to his financial affairs and also to be assured that my mother may end her last days in peace.

Yours very sincerely,
(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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