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My letter to Mr. Chambers dated 23/10/1985.

Dear Mr. Chambers,
I understand over these last weeks you have been doing two men's work as Mr. Gerry Davison is now in hospital with a heart attack. Thankfully we had a visit from my nephew Brian who said there was no cause for concern and that he was at the moment going under exploratory tests.
Seven years ago I put my brother Freddie into the Care of the Courts in order to have all his properties returned as we realised that owing to his incapacity he should not have been signing any documents.
Because of the inaction of Cleaver Fulton & Rankin over a three-year period, the family were forced to put our case in the hands of the Fraud Squad who are, incidentally, still pursuing our case.
Mr. Hall appears to be only concerned with compensation and not the return of any properties. Dr. Lyons made a statement to the Fraud Squad that Freddie would have no understanding or knowledge of what he was signing, yet because of Freddie's incapacity which all concerned were well aware of, he was divested of all his valuable estate.
These properties or the legality of his signature have never been brought up in the court. The only thing discussed was the price of 14 Castlehill Road not the legality of the sale.
There is no way our family can have confidence in the Official Solicitor's handling of Freddie's case. We do not want compensation. We want Justice.
Now Mr. Hall wants my mother aged 90, bed-ridden and incontinent to get a solicitor. Does he expect us to have an old woman, almost blind and not much longer to live wheeled on a stretcher into the Court to be harassed by Mr. Hall? I have been in touch with her doctor today and he is sending a strong letter of protest and of course we will provide a solicitor for her.
The reason we put Freddie into the Care of the Court was to have all the sales of his properties investigated but none have been investigated to our satisfaction. None of his properties were ever discussed in the Courts. As I said before, only the price of 14 Castlehill Road and not the illegality of Freddie's signature was ever brought to the Judge's notice. Francis Street, Winetavern Street, Little King Street, 12/14 Marquis Street, 14/16 King Street, 14 Castlehill Road and his large showroom and ground have never been fully looked into ever after my seven year's work.
How could anyone treat a mental patient with such cruel "inhumanity to man".
Cleaver Fulton & Rankin and now Mr. Hall are still ignoring our requests and treating Freddie as if he has no basic human rights whatsoever.
If we had known Freddie was to have been treated in such an inhuman way we would never ever have considered putting him in the Care of the Court. We can list you many complaints and inaccuracies that no one up to now is interested in.
The family wish to thank you Mr. Chambers and Mrs. Bratten for your very kind attention at all times.
I hope you will put this action in front of the Courts a soon as possible.


Eileen Wright (Mrs.)

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