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A letter from me to Mr. Davis dated 30/8/1982.

Dear Mr Davis,
As stated in the enclosed copy letter, the General Solicitor should have obtained particulars of all securities and monies which belonged to Freddie. It is obvious that this was not done and it has been left to the Fraud Squad to find out the details.
Freddie's affairs have been exploited in the worst possible manner and it is in the interest of not only him but all other patients in care to expose characters of those concerned whether appointed by the Crown or otherwise.
We are naturally concerned that transactions done in Freddie's name are legal and if not what protection can any patient expect to get from the General Solicitor.
We still insist as we have done over a four year period that Freddie must have his home and property back.
The person now living in Freddie's home has no proper title to this property nor should his signature, whether copied or otherwise, ever have been accepted in any deals done in his name.
No solicitor of any standing would have allowed him to sell any of his property without due reference to your office or the Courts.
I have applied for Guardianship with regards to Freddie, in order to protect him again from the Official Solicitors.
Would you please let me know what progress has been made in this matter.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright