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My letter to Mr. Davis dated 31/1/1981.

Dear Mr. Davis,

We the family are very concerned about the way our brother Freddie's affairs have beeen handled. We have been told so many conflicting stories we just don't know the truth any more. We have blamed our own family and even our mother for things we now know to be absolutely untrue. The reason for this being we get no direct answers to any questions we ask, and no information as to the way the case is going has been forthcoming from Cleaver Fulton & Rankin. They appear to prefer to go their own way without having the common decency to consult the family except in an intimidating way.

We would never have given them our private thoughts and details of our family if we had known that it was ony being used to discredit the family and show us in a bad light in order, we feel, to obscure the bigger issues of the 'selling' of Freddie's home and town property.

We also fail to understand the slip-shod way that people are picked to "care" for Freddie. Regarding housekeepers to look after Freddie, a Mrs McClelland kept the house clean and did her very best but after the tragic death of her daughter she seemed to find solace in her church - she went away for three weeks, then two weeks, then odd days and did not phone my mother or, we believe, the solicitors.
My mother was difficult at this time and we could see the situation was not going to solve itself. Mrs. McClelland had already given her notice twice but was persuaded to stay. We did all we could to help but the situation deteriorated to such an extent that Freddie would not go out with her - she told me this herself. I knew then that something would have to be done. I phoned the social worker and explained. She interviewed Mrs. McClelland and was actually looking for someone else when we were informed Mrs. Geddis was now employed. We don't know what Mr. Drennan said to Mrs McClelland but I'm sure she will be glad to tell you. We assume she must have been told to go.
Mrs. Geddis is totally unacceptable to the whole family. She doesn't appear to be able to take simple instructions. We gave her a small list of groceries because we know Feddie would be at our home for meals. She brought back three packets of bacon though we only asked for one, two dish cloths, two pairs of socks when Freddie has already about 20 pairs and three packets of lard!! There was already three packets of lard in the fridge, so if someone wants any you could let us know. She was asked to get a dressing gown for my mother and bought one for age 11.
When a section of the Mental Health Dept told Mrs. Geddis to stay iin Freddie's home she informed us the next day that she had slept on the floor and yet there were three empty beds upstairs. Does this sound to you, Mr. Davis, that she is a person capable of taking charge of Freddie's needs? It took us a week to clean the house.
Could you also find out why Mrs. Geddis took Freddie into Cleaver Fulton & Rankin's office? She told Billy that she was taking him for a run.
We are tired of the dictatorial, aggressive and intimidating way we have been treated by the Crown Solicitors - my mother is terrified of them and wouldn't under any circumstances get in touch with them.
Freddie was put into the 'Care' of the Court to protect him from what is actually taking place. It would appear that both the family and Freddie are coming off worse.
We understood that everything would be investigated above board and we would be told of each step for the return of Freddie's property but all they appear to do is to keep us suspecting each other. We have learnt a very sore lesson and realise now why they are doing this.
Why persue soft targets? We want Feddie's home returned to him and his valuable town property back without further procrastination or delay.
Two years ago we were asked to keep Freddie over Christmas but Billy had a sick relative staying with him (she has since died) and unfortunately couldn't help although he was willing to stay in Freddie's home. I had no room living in a small bungalow with all beds occupied but I made sure he spent Boxing Day with my family.

Situations change thank goodness and we will not allow Freddie to be pushed into anyone's back room while his home is there for him. We had not even seen Mr. Geddis' home or knew anything about her background. Does this sound to you like they are looking after Freddie's welfare? I hope you will inform the Mental Health Dept of our concern.
The phone at Freddie's home has been cut off because the bill was not paid (by the Official Solicitor). Could you get it reconnected? What if there was a fire or if we needed an ambulance or our mother needed to get in touch with us from the hospital? We hope Freddie will not be charged the connecting fee of 9 as it was not his responsibility.
We are tired of the dictatorial, aggressive and intimidating way we have been treated by the Crown Solicitors and encouraged to look at each other with suspicion.
We have every faith in your judgement and we will be glad to discuss anything with you at any time. We now know that you are the only person interested in Freddie's welfare. We have lost confidence in the way Cleaver Fulton & Rankin are handling Freddie's case and we ask you please to make an appointment with the Judge as soon as possible to present our case.
We have no intention of attending any meetings in Mr. Drennan's office - we would only be intimidated again and made to feel the guilty parties.
Freddie is happy with the family around him and we will not allow him under any circumstances to be put out of this, his second home, as was threatened. We know his needs better than anyone, if only we could be allowed to carry them out without a shouting match from the solicitors. Actually Mrs. Geddis has complained continually about the way they shout at her. Could you tell us if this is the normal way any solicitors should act.

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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