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My letter to Department of the Environment dated 12/11/1990.

Dear Mr O'Hare,

In your letter of the 7th inst. you state that a misunderstanding has arisen in relation to the 300,000 figure mentioned in Mr Taylor's letter of the 11th July 1990. How is it possible for a misunderstanding to arise at this late date over such a large amount of money?
Mr Taylor categorically stated in his letter to me of the 11th July that the 300,000 was paid to your Department for numbers 61 Smithfield and 9 Francis Street. Your Department does not appear to be aware that my brother owned a very large piece of ground for which he has not yet been compensated.
Freddie owned 61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68 and 69 Smithfield, 1 to 11 Francis Street, 3 to 5 Little King Street, 5 to 21 Winetavern Street, the family home at 14 Castlehill Road and grounds 14/16 King Street and 12/14 Marquis Street.
My brother's entire estate as above, including the large piece of ground you mention, was stolen from Freddie after the death of my father Fred Andrews, owner and Chairman of Andrews & Co., by the late 'Christian' property tycoon, Charles Gilpin, shareholder in Messrs Neville Johnston & Co., and his solicitor Mr H Wright, late of Messrs Tughan & Co.
Freddie's inheritance was fraudulently disposed of between August 1972 and January 1980.
Mr C Gilpin and his henchmen had no scruples in taking advantage of a mental patient's incapacity.
Mr H Wright acted for Gilpin in all sales which left my brother without a penny to his name and his estate plundered.
The 375.000 obtained for Freddie's Showroom 62 to 65 Smithfield and 1 to 11 Francis Street went, according to Lord Justice O'Donnell, into the account of Messrs Tughan & Co "for some reason or other". Freddie did not get a penny. Mr H Wright was struck off for life as an acting solicitor and is now out on suspended sentence. No one protected the interest of the mental patient.
Your department, as you say in your letter, is open to receive a compensation claim on Freddie's behalf. I will now take the opportunity of making a claim on Freddie's behalf.
Your Department is now aware of what property Freddie owned and what his father signed over to him long before his death. It would be helpful if you gave me details of land and properties (CDA101)
Did your Department examine the Deeds before handing out the money? Who asked for the valuation and lands office assessment of the value of the said land? Who signed the vesting order for my brother's land?
Freddie's affairs were grossly mismanaged by successive Official Solicitors since January 1979 so it would be a futile exercise to expect a satisfactory answer from that Office. That Office was more concerned with protecting their legal colleagues than my brother
Mr Taylor has been most helpful and he is quite clear how he obtained Freddie's properties.
I await your advice on compensation claim for Freddie.

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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