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My letter to Sir Barry Shaw, DPP, dated 19/10/1987.

Dear Sir Barry,
With reference to your letter of the 7th inst, I am very much aware that a lengthy police investigation has taken place over a seven year period but we also know that the late Detective Constable M. Patterson and Detective Constable K. Armstrong had done all the ground work. If their evidence had been acted upon there would have been no need for valueless Court Hearings that left us exactly as we started, with nothing solved. How could the Judge be expected to make any judgement on Freddie's case when vital evidence gathered over a three and a half year period by these two experienced officers was witheld from him?
We fail to understand how any police officer should find the fraudulent takeover of a mental patient's estate difficult or complicated. If we had been given the opportunity to speak to senior officers we could have ironed out anything they found difficult.
We are aware that a solicitor has been charged with offences connected with matters pertaining to the illegal takeover of my brother's estate. This action is being taken in the interest of the Ryland Vehicle Group who paid 375,000 to someone who had no proper title to this property and not to Freddie who owned the property. The Ryland Vehicle Group unknowingly bought this property believing the seller had good and marketable title. After the deal was done they found out that they had only the ground belonging to Freddie. The showroom and Francis Street were still in the hands of the late Mr. C. Gilpin's company, Neville Johnston. Mr. Brian Hall states in writing that 35,000 was tendered for this property but we were not told who tendered this amount. These premises were never up for sale.
Francis Street was rented by Mr. C. Gilpin's estate agent McConnell and Martin, to the Housing Executive from 1982 to 1985 while Freddie was in the Care of the Court. I have been unable to get reply to my letter as whom they collected the rent for!
The Ryland Vehicle Group are fortunate in having their case heard so quickly. How many more years must Freddie wait for justice?
Mr. Hall and his estate agent Mr. Deane sold Freddie's Smithfield property before your investigations were complete at almost one third of that given by the Ryland Vehicle Group between August 1979 and January 1980 while Freddie was in the Care of the Court.
Did the Laing Group buy Freddie's large piece of ground as well?
How long must the family sit back and see these injustices take place while police personnel sit back and make it appear this case is complicated when Hall ignored police evidence and protected everyone but Freddie?
The late Detective Constable M. Patterson gave Assistant Chief Constable Mellor some of his private papers ncluding a letter that was supposed to have been burnt. Where are these papers now? Have they been passed to your office?
I have a letter from the Care and Protection Office dated August 1985 stating that Freddie had all his property except his home. Why was this office not kept informed by the first Official solicitor the late Mr. J. Drennan of Cleaver, Fulton and Rankin as to the state of Freddie's affairs since we put Freddie into the Care of the Court in January 1979? You also have evidence by ledger cards in the Industrial Bank in Bangor that Mr. Drennan was in charge of Freddie's affairs in 1977, two years before he was put in charge of Freddie's affairs by the High Court. Why did he wish to make it appear that he had the control of Freddie from that date?
What about the sale of Winetavern Street that had to be a cash deal according to estate agents Blessington and Faire? According to the fraud officer who had access to all transactions, Freddie did not get the cash.
What about Little King Street where two conveyances were made out? What about the ground rents in Marquis Street and King Street? What about 14 Castlehill Road, the home my father gave to Freddie long before he died? The occupier at the time of sale could not have had good or proper title.
I am having a meeting with Dr. A. Lyons at his request. I have kept him informed as to what has taken place since he assisted in putting Freddie into the Care of the Court in January 1979 and given him many copies of letters in order to show him that Freddie was not protected since January 1979.
If you, Sir Barry, are unable to make a comment an Freddie's behalf, how was the ex Official Solicitor Br. Brian Hall given the opportunity of being "in constant touch with your office" as stated in his correspondence?
What "true facts" did Mr. Hall obtain in Messrs Tughan & Co's office, when Mr. H. Wright was present, in an afternoon that your office were not aware of?
Did not police headquarters already have the true facts before Mr. Hall was appointed?
Perhaps we will now see some action on Freddie's behalf.


(Mrs.) Eileen Wright.

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