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My letter to DPP dated 20/8/1984.

Dear Sir,
May I again take the liberty of writing to your office in order to put forward a few further points.

The enclosed reply by Assistant Chief Constable DB Mellor states the enquiry is essentially a Civil one. If this is so would your office be good enough to inform me as to which of the undernoted are civil?

Forgery of Sale Agreements.
Forgery of Deeds of Conveyance.
Misappropriation of money by Messrs Tughan & Co and Messrs Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin.
The holding of Deeds by Messrs Tughan & Co of 60 Smithfield Square and ground.

Could we also be informed why Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin refunded fees charged to Freddie?
Mr. Hall states in his reply to me that the occupier of Freddie's home has a legal right to be there. Could the mental block that appears to surround Mr. Hall against Freddie's interest be made to clear a little in order for him to understand that if Freddie had been sound in mind he would still be in his home. No-one, and I mean no-one, has a more legal right to be there than my brother.

Freddie must not be the loser just because he could not appreciate what he was signing. Mr. Hall has overlooked the fact that Mr. Gilpin and his solicitor knew of Freddie's incapacity and should not have allowed him to sign any documents.

Mr. Deane who valued Freddie's home was not independent but chosen by Mr. Hall. The valuer recommended by the enclosed firm, a Mr. Murphy, had 40 years of experience and I understand was chairman of the Valuers Association. Yet Mr. Hall's Barrister attacked this man in a most ruthless manner just because he valued Freddie's home at 52,000 and not what the occupier paid which was 38,750. So are we to assume that all Freddie's properties were sold legally just because Mr. Hall's estate agent may feel that the price was right? I sincerely hope that this will not be the purpose of the next Court hearing.

These properties were given to Freddie as an investment and should not have been taken from him as an investment for other people. The last court hearing was the most cruel exhibition by Mr. hall and his barrister and one we do not wish to witness again.

Freddie must have returned to him, his home and all his other properties along with commensurate compensation for the disruption and misery caused him by these men who entered Freddie's home in the guise of saviours and left as thieves.

Could we have an explanation why Detective Constable M. Patterson of the Fraud Squad who has worked for three years with forbearance and forsight (so lacking in Mr. Hall) to expose these frauds was suddenly taken off our case at such a crucial time. He should have been given every support and assistance to complete his investigations.

It should not have been necessary for us to watch the Legal Profession committing hari-kari in a Court of Law which left themselves with little credence in our eyes.

[Important paragraph]Assistant Chief Constable Mellor states that I should contact the Detective Chief Costable of the Fraud Squad. I made contact with Detective Chief Inspector Rawson by phone and letter well over a year ago. I asked for an interview then but he ignored my request and I am still waiting for an answer to my letter. I feel that it would be a waste of time writing to Detective Chief Inspector Rawson again when my request for an interview has already been ignored.

If this case is allowed to be covered up, may I again say God help any Patients in Care who are forced to rely on the incompetence of solicitors who are paid large fees for doing nothing. I can now well understand why there has never been any complaints against this system in over 30 years. Could it be that anyone who has a complaint suffers the same opposition as I have?

The family will fight on regardless of Mr. Hall's urgency to close the Gates of Justice against my brother. We will seek other avenues of escape, the old saying that "truth will out" has a habit of leaving a lot of people ith red faces.

We are putting our faith and hopes in the expertise of your office and Detective Constable M. Patterson who has acted at all times like good officers should - in pursuit of the truth.

My sincere thanks for your kind attention.

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.
Enclosed valuation of Freddie's showroom (this does not include ground)

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