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My letter to the DPP dated 26/11/1984.

Dear Mr. Lynch,
Thank you for your letter of the 22nd November 1984 and for the imformation that further papers have now been submitted by the Police to your office.

I have underlined "so little discussion" in the article enclosed from the Belfast Telegraph. Could this have been intentional? If there had been open discussions, the thieves could have perhaps been exposed sooner!

I wrote to Dr. Stephen Brown, fellow at the institute of Irish studies who I hope will find my letter interesting.

Mr. Hall states in his Report that he "agrees and is satisfied that Freddie was incapable of managing his own affairs". Then he goes off at a tangent and accepts the word of the two parties he now accuses, notably Mr. H. Wright and Tughan & Co.
Hall further states "that a Committee was never considered by Mr. H. Wright for the reason that this would cause distress to (my mother) Mrs. Andrews". Mr. H. Wright and his employers Messrs Tughan & Co had never met my mother nor Freddie until after the death of my father when Wright and Tughan & Co., at the behest of Mr. C. Gilpin, illegally took control of almost all the family's affairs unknown to the family. These men had no right and no authority to set themselves up as trustees for the family affairs especially Freddie's affairs. How could anyone in a responsible position, as Official Solicitor, believe these excuses without question?

Mr. C. Gilpin, his solicitors, estate agents etc., were totally concerned with the ruthless intent of not only bamboozling an old woman, but taking her mentally-handicapped son to the cleaners.

Nr. Hall wrote Reports which contained little truth. He has stubbornly refused to do the job he was engaged to do. He has refused to go into all aspects of the property deals in order to expose civil and criminal acts against my brother Freddie. He has failed abysmally on all counts and appears to have totally misled the Judge. He is walking on very thin ice and is now sitting on a time-bomb of his own making.

Mr. Hall had been aggessive to our family from the start and even made a sneering remark to the Judge in order to discredit us by saying that we have complained about a 2 deficiency in the accounts kept by Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin. Then he excused this firm for their inability to protect Freddie or look after his interests by stating that Mr. Drennan of this firm was ill! He failed to tell the Judge that Mr. Drennan and his clerk, Mr. Doherty, spent two and a half years on our case before Mr. Drennan suffered a stroke. Mr. Hall would be better at writing tales of mystery and imagination.

This is a case for the police. Nobody but Mr. Hall would believe that Mr. Gilpin, his solicitors and lawyers had any good intentions towards Freddie or my mother? These people caused 20,000 of Freddie's money to be spent making 4 Norwood Gardens habitable after driving him and my mother out of their beautiful home.

The Judge stated that all information must be open and available to all. Why did Mr. Hall not follow the Judge's directions? Why the secrecy? Mr. Hall has persistently and with an all-consuming passion, denied Freddie the right to his home and property my father gave to him. Is the Judge aware of this?
If the law means anything and is to be respected and not to be shown as an ass, then all this must be put right.

Mr. Hall is not paid for protecting the occupier's of Freddie's home or whoever allowed the DOE to site their vans on Francis Street or the leasing of 60 Smithfield Square or not informing the Judge of the summons taken out by the Ryland Vehicle Group. Mr. Hall was paid to look after my brother and engage the help of the Police in getting back all his property.

MIND of Harley Street have asked me to get a solicitor to monitor them so I hope in time to be able to expose the negligence, fraud, crimes both civil and criminal committed against my brother and which Mr. Hall wishes to ignore.

I have had a two hour talk with a senior member of the Press. One must attack from all angles in order to leave no hiding place for the culprits involved.

There is only one person who stands tall among all men - Detective Constable M. Patterson of the Fraud Squad. At all times he was a gentleman and never once objected to our constant instructions or intrusions made at all times of the day when anything of importance came to mind. Why should such an able and intelligent officer with three years work behind him on Freddie's case alone, and with the full confidence of the family, be suddenly taken off Freddie's case at such a crucial time. We were shocked that such an able officer so dedicated to his job should be set aside from us and our investigation. He was a credit to the police force and we do hope he will be soon back on the case again. I feel the Chief Constable should make an enquiry as to why this happened.

We appreciate your help very much and when I get directions from my Solicitor I will be in touch.


(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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