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My letter to the Department of the Director of Public Prosecutions dated 7/11/1984.

Dear Mr. Lynch,
I have written to Mr. Chris Patten, Minister of the Environment at Castle Buildings, asking why the Portacabins were on Freddie's ground in Francis Street. I encloses a copy of Mr. Hall's letter stating that Mr. Russell of the DOE and Mr. Deane of Murdock & Dean had agreed with Mr. Hall that Freddie did not own the odd numbers. I told Mr. Chris Patten that the Fraud Squad had been investigating all Freddie's properties in the Smithfield area and if he needed any information he could get in touch with Sgt. Laird.

I received a reply from Mr. Chris Patten's Office saying they would look into the matter and would let me have a reply as soon as possible.
I had a letter from the legal adviser of MIND who informed me that Mr. Hall had called with them. Fortunately the door to MIND will not be so easily closed.

My sister's - Mr. Hamilton's - solicitor has now engaged a Barrister to take action against Mr. Hall. We have also engaged a solicitor to look after my mother's interest. Mr. Hall is out to obscure and confuse and to blame my mother now aged ninety who cannot speak for herself rather than the culprits involved.

It is a terrible situation when the family and Freddie, through no fault of our own, have to be put through all this heartache and expense, which we can ill afford, just to make sure justice is seen to be done.

We were naturally hoping that your office would have been able to act long before this (Mr. Hall ignores the fact that you are involved) but we will persist every inch of the way in order that we will eventually be able to prise open this "can of worms" which Mr. Hall has fought fervently to keep closed. We are determined in every way to expose all to public view.

We know Mr. Hall has great powers and can do and say whatever he likes but we are not overawed by his office. We are not afraid of his position.

Why is Mr. Hall ignoring the fact that the Ryland Vehicle Group have taken a summons out? Why is he ignoring that Freddie owns Francis Street? If the situation does not suit Mr. Hall and his colleagues, he turns his head the other way. All properties including his home must be given back to the rightful owner - Freddie.

To save 200 in rates, Freddie was moved out of his valuable home and Mr. Hall has the audacity to say this was a prudent sale. He accepts the word of Mr. Wright and Messrs Tughan & Co in his Report which he is so proud of, and yet now he says he is suing them both! It is all incomprehensible.

This will in no way benefit Freddie. This will not bring back the property illegally stolen from him. Would Mr. H. Wright have any money to pay compensation? Why is Mr. Hall taking this useless action? No amount of money will ever or should ever make a cover for fraud and crime. This situation we will not accept at any price.

We hope your office will now have the tenacity of purpose to proceed with all speed and protect Freddie from further abuse.

My sincere thanks for your attention,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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