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My letter to the DPP dated 9/10/1984.

Dear Mr. Lynch,
I enclose copy letter I received from Mr. J. Russell of the D.O.E. and a page of Mr. Hall's letter of the 30th July pertaining to Francis Street. I have already sent you a complete copy of this letter.

I wrote to Mr. Russell's office some weeks ago but did not receive a reply. I was advised by the City Hall to contact Headquarters at Commonwealth House - hence the enclosed reply.

You will note that Mr. Russell is very explicit about an area of Smithfield of which we have no interest whatsoever and yet extremely vague about Freddie's property in Francis Street. The DOE's portacabins have been occupying this side of the uneven numbers for some years. It seems unbelievable that the DOe would erect cabins and not know whose ground they were sitting on. Whom did they approach to get this land? Has it already been bought? Who has the Deeds?

Mr. Deane the estate agent employed by Mr. Hall to value Freddie's home (why we don't know) appears to have been working in Mr Hall's interest for quite some time.

Why does Mr. Deane and Mr. Russell agree with Mr. Hall without knowing the true facts?
Could Sgt. Laird of the fraud Squad ask these two men why they gave evidence contrary to, or in ignorance of, the true facts and to the advantage of Mr. Hall?

You, Mr. Lynch, should understand why the family are outraged that Freddie is not only paying Mr. Hall but Mr. Deane as well - when neither are working in his interests. Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin spent two and a half years doing nothing even though all Freddie's properties as stated in the Judge's Order were to be looked into. Freddie had to pay this firm for incompetence and inefficiency. Why must this be tolerated by the family of any mental patient?

Can you imagine any government department stating as in the enclosed letter "that it would appear that 1 to 11 Francis Street belongs to Freddie", yet in Mr. Hall's letter they are all agreeing that it doesn't! Mr. Russell goes on to state that "this ground will be bought by private enterprise" (from whom)? He concludes with the statement that he is unable to help!

It is shocking and beyond belief that just because these men are dealing with a mental patient's estate they think they can do whatever they like with his assets and without any reference whatsoever to the family. Why is Freddie paying Mr. Deane for services we do not require? Is it because he agrees with Mr. Hall?

You should, by now, understand why I am loathe to employ any solicitor in Northern Ireland after the terrible experiences I have had to go through over an eight-year period, just because I wanted to protect my brother.

Surely it is not asking too much of your office, after four years co-operating in every way with Detective Constable M. Patterson (whom we have a great respect for), to inform the Judge through a Court case when he would have no understanding of what was taking place and of course with no one working in Freddie's interests.

Mr. Hall, we all know, has made such an obvious mess of this case but what we cannot understand is why your office or the Police have not already taken action in order to avoid a scandal which must ultimately become public.

Why put a mental patient through such unnecessary expense of employing legal representatives when they not only ignore my father's wishes but the interest of the Patient as well. The last Court hearing was so well staged against Freddie that it could not possibly have been accidental.

A copy of this letter is being sent to the Legal Officer of MIND, Harley Street, London, who thankfully is now working in my interests. Without their intervention this case would probably have never seen the light of day.

I implore you to act solely in my brother's interest and have returned to him all property given to him by my father.

There are dozens of questions that Mr. Hall and Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin refused to answer. Why?

We, the family, demand to know what fees and expenses have been incurred by Mr. Hall. We have not been told anything although I was elected to the Committee and should have been given all information relevant to Freddie's welfare. Why has this not been done?

I await your reply,

Yours sincerely,

(Mrs) Eileen Wright.

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