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My letter to the Department of the Director of Public Prosecutions dated 9/4/1985.

Dear Mr Lynch
Thank you for your letter of the 1st April '85. I do understand and appreciate that your failure to comment is not due to any absence of courtesy or interest on your part.
What I cannot understand is why after four years of intensive investigation by Detective Constable Patterson of the Fraud Squad no action has as yet been taken by the Police. I understand that Detective Constable Patterson is on sick leave but he was told to leave this case aside by his superiors - Why?
My Hall appears to have been given free range and is answerable to no one. He rail-roaded us through a Court case purely to protect the occupier of Freddie's home (14 Castlehill Road). Who protected Freddie when a much inferior and derelict house, namely 4 Norwood Gardens, was provided for him by Mr C. Gilpin, unknown to our family. Neither Freddie nor the occupier of 14 Castlehill Road can have proper title to these properties. The statements to the Fraud Squad by two eminent psychiatrists and a senior member of the Law Society that Freddie would have no understanding or knowledge of what he was signing should be paramount with regard to the sales of all Freddie's properties and should not be ignored by Mr Hall and conveniently swept under the carpet no matter how powerful a position Mr Hall appears to hold. My mother insists that two men walked into 14 Castlehill Road and told her that the house was too big and she would need to get into a smaller house. What right had these men to take my mother under their control and disregard my father's wishes for his son.
Mr Hall's character assassinations against our family which he writes down on paper without fear or favour is unbelievable for a man in a position of trust. Why does this man stoop to such basic tactics in order to attempt to mislead the Judge? We the family are totally behind each other and will persist no matter how long it takes to see Justice done to a mental patient. After all, if this is not now exposed it could quite easily happen again.
Unfortunatel thegold at the end of the rainbow so adroitly worked for by Mr C Gilpin and his cohorts and solicitor is beginning to fade in the mist because of Gilpin's untimely death.
Why was the Judge not given the true facts? Why had we to go through Court proceedings in order to watch Hall protecting every but my brother, Court proceedings so expertly arranged and rehearsed that the result can be well cemented before the proceedings even start.
I now understand that the site which Conlon's Pub stood on at the corner of Francis Street is now up for sale by the Estate Agents Murphy & McKinley. This is Freddie's site as stated by the Fraud Squad. Why after over seven years work on my part and four years by the Police was this not "discovered" until now? Will Mr. Hall again accept the same excuse as he did for Freddie's showroom and ground, namely that these important documents were lying in a solicitors strong-room? Are we to believe that these documents were lying dormant and would never have been "found" if I had not persisted.
When Mr Hall can stand up in Court and threaten my mother now 92 years of age, incontinent and bed-ridden, to sequest her money, he must be scraping the bucket in order to protect his colleagues. My mother at the age of 78 could not protect herself or Freddie from Mr C. Gilpin's intrusion into our home, how can she protect herself from Mr. Hall?
We were hoping that the investigation by the Fraud Squad would have been complete enough to inform the Judge of your findings and allow the Police to take over. We were sadly disillusioned when in each case we were again rail-roaded into submission and asked by Mr Hall to accept money which of course we refused to do.
What documents did Freddie sign when he was taken in Mr Doherty's car to his office at the premises of solicitors Cleaver, Fulton & Rankin. He was given a silver pen from Mr Doheryt's pocket and signed two documents. Perhaps you would be good enough to find out what these documents were and inquire why this firm of solicitors allowed him to sign anything. This is only one of the many serious complaints that have never been satisfactorily answered even at this late date.
During the last Court hearing the Judge made the remark that he would not put a man out of his house, but no one cared when Freddie was put out of the home my father gave to him long before he died.
Freddie's signature was accepted by Mr C Gilpin and his solicitor, Tughan & Co/Herbert Wright, without question. Neither Freddie nor the occupier of 14 Castlehill Road has proper title to either of these properties. Freddie was used because of his disability. If Freddie had been normal whatever that may be, and not under Dr Lyons' care, this would never have been able to take place, in other words Freddie was taken advantage of because my father was now dead and left with an elderly mother 78 years of age. She could not cope with Mr C. Gilpin and his solicitor. No one had the right to take Freddie's home away from him, not even the family. The sale of Freddie's properties cannot be made valid no matter what Mr Hall says.
I spoke to Dr Lyons about a month ago and put some points to him. I explained I had to seek the help of MIND, Harley Street and contact the Citizens Advice Bureau in order to be put in touch with a reliable solicitor who is now acting on my behalf in order to protect Freddie from - in the first place - the actions of Cleaver Fulton & Rankin who came to this house during my mother's illness and threatened to close the house, inform the police and put Freddie in some home without any reference to the family.
The machinations heavily loaded against Freddie would never have come to light if I had not fought back with the help and support of all the family.
Because of the inaction of Cleaver Fulton & Rankin over almost a three year period I was forced to put all the necessary information into the hands of the Fraud Squad. What are the police doing to enlighten your office at this moment? Why must Freddie be left to the mercies of Mr Hall and his colleagues? The family will not sit idly by.
I do understand your position and why you cannot communicate with me but surely it is time some lawful action was taken by the Police and so your office.
Freddie was left after the interference of Mr C Gilpin and his solicitor with 37,000, all his property plundered and an almost derelict house. The 37,000 in the Industrial Bank in Bangor was under the names of B. Wright and C. Gilpin - this was to keep Freddie for the rest of his life. If anything had happened to Freddie they could of course have kept the money.
Section 5 states clearly that all crimes and illegal acts should be made known to the Police. Why were these crimes not reported by Cleaver Fulton & Rankin or Mr Hall?
We hope by now when and if you are given all information by the RUC, your Office will then give the true facts to the Judge thus cancelling out all previous Court hearings which were not in any way set up to protect Freddie. Unlawful conclusions were made because the true facts were expertly hidden from the Judge.
A copy of this letter will be sent to MIND, Harley Street, the Care and Protection Office in the Law Courts, Dr Lyons and my solicitor Mr. M. Fearon.

My thanks again for your kind attention.


(Mrs) Eileen Wright

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