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My letter to Director of Public Prosecutions dated November 1986.

Dear Sir,
Further to my letter of the 14 November, 1986 and your reply of the 20 November 1986, I should be most grateful if you could supply me with copies of all my letters which might be on your office file and trust you will be able to comply with my request.

On making inquiries with the Royal Ulster Constabulary regarding the investigation into this case I received a letter dated the 28.8.1986 from Assistant Chief constable D.B. Mellor stating that the investigation papers had been submitted to your Office stating that he awaited directions from your Department as to what further action should be taken and I should be grateful if you could inform me for the information of our family of any decision you have reached.
I am sorry to have to trouble you in this matter but you will understand our anxiety after so many years of waiting.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Eileen Wright.

[The RUC never sent me the copies of my letters which I requested.]

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