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My letter to Dr. Lyons dated 1/8/89.

Dear Dr. Lyons,
I a sure by now Dr Lyons, you are well conversant with Freddie's case and the gross mismanagement of his affairs by the Office of the Official Solicitor since January 1979.
We had to wait ten years to be made aware in the Criinal Court by Lord Justice O'Donnell in January 1989, that the 375,000 paid by the Ryland Vehicle Group for property stolen from Freddie went straight into the account of Messrs Tughan & Co. Mr Brian Hall the ex Official Solicitor for the Supreme Court has the audacity to take this criminal case out of the hands of the RUC and treat it a a Civil case for reasons best known to himself. Could anyone call this care and protection?
We were put through hearings that were no more than a charade. The were orchestrated and controlled behind closed doors by Brian Hall. We were brought into these Hearings to be used as spectators. To make sure Brian Hall "won the first round", he supplied himself with a QC, Mr Brian Kerr, that left the ex President of the Law Society (Gerald Patrick Jemphrey) without good or legal title, in the home my father, long before his death, gave to Freddie. These so-called honourable members of the legal profession preferred to protect their colloagues rather than the patient. Freddie was systematically deprived of his estate for the second time. Freddie got no protection whatsoever.
When the fraud squad exposed fraud, forgery, malpractice and misappropriation, Brian Hall stated in writing that he was constant touch with senior officers in the RUC and the Independent Office of the DPP. By his interfering in a criminal case he denied Freddie the right to have his case brought up in the Criminal Court. He covered up proven crimes and abused his powers to stop police action. Does this sound like care and protection?
An ex President of the Law Society was able to take possession of Freddie's home evern though he had no good or legal title and sell it at ta later date to another member of the legal profession, making an enormous profit. Another solicitor was able to 'buy' Freddie's property in Little King Street using two conveyances. A JP was able to take over Winetavern Street. He got a bargain because he was able to pay cash. Two higher offers were ignored. Who got the cash? The instructions for cash were given by the self-appointed 'Trustees' Gilpin and his solicitor Mr Herbert Wright. Messrs Tughan & Co. were quite willing to accept a gift of 375,000 as proven by Lord Justice O'Donnell in the Criminal Court in January 1989. I am sure Dr Lyons you will now understand why we are denied the right to see 'accounts'. There was very little money available to put into Freddie's account. The 'large' amount of 35,000 was put in the now defunct Industrial Bank in Bangor under the names of Gilpin and Wright. This was all the con men could afford to give a mental patient and his elderly mother. Gilpin was able to take 1,000,000 to Jersey. We have never been allowed to know what he got this money for. Are these the pillars of society we are supposed to respect and look up to? The Official Solicitors condoned these crimes and preferred to keep them under cover.
We approached you Dr Lyons in December 1978, by doing so we took Freddie out of one lion's den and put him into another - namely the Office of the Official Solicitor.
You are aware Dr Lyons that two attempts were made to put Freddie in an instituton. One by Mr Drennan's clerk who was sent up to Freddie's home to close the house up, inform the police, and put Freddie in a Home. We at that time were sitting in Mr J K Davis' office in the Law Courts waiting for a meeting with Mr Drennan, arranged by Mr Davis. When Mr Drennan never turned up to meet us Mr Davis phoned his office in our presence and he told him what he had instructed his clerk to do. Mr Davis who was a very caring person told us to get up to Norwood Gardens as soon as possible and keep the house open. When we arrived at Freddie's home Mr Doherty was lounging on a chair talking on the phone. We sat him out and he left without an explanation. Mrs Deirdre Bowers made a more recent attempt as you are aware but this again did not work. When the Office of the Official Solicitor can stoop to such depths they must have a lot to hide.
We have been informed that by applying to the Court we can within 72 hours have Freddie's affairs removed from the 'Care Order'. We must be given the opportunity to engage a solicitor and barrister to bring the crimes perpetrated against the patient before an open and Criminal Court. We are not interested in confidentiality when it is used as an excuse for secrecy. The only excuse the Official Solicitor has for wanting to retain the control of Freddie is because no proper accounts exist.
We are deeply concerned not only about Freddie but about other mental patients who have no-one to keep a watchful eye on the actions of the Official Solicitor. If Freddie's affairs can be covered up to such an extent, why not others? We must be allowed to do the decent and honourable thing and get redress in open Court. There should be no reason for behind the door deals.
May e appeal to you as Freddie's consultant and as medical Officer for the courts to use your powers to extricate Freddie from this untenable situation.
Mr B Hall wrote in his infamous report, on the word of Mr Herbert Wright who, as you know was struck off for life as a practicing solicitor and given an eighteen month suspended sentence for falsifying documents relating to propety stolen from Freddie, that Freddie and my elderly mother could not live in the family home given to Freddie long before my father's death. Incidently the rates were only 200 more than 4 Norwood Gardens. If Freddie had been given the 375,000 and the highest offer for Winetavern Street instead of the cash offer and the money for Little King Street and money for the large piece of ground at the rear of the showroom, my mother and Freddie could have ended their days in peace and comfort. Why was it necessary to put Freddie out of his home? The green eye of the little yellow god took over and denied Freddie the right to reside in his own home.
Con men and those looking for a bargain unashamedly and willingly took advantage of Freddie's incapacity. I feel it is time we were given the opportunity to take over from the 'Care and Protection Office' and show them how their office should be run.
I would like to have a discussion with the surveyors and contractors before they make any alterations or decoration. The large amount of 7,000 has already been wasted and I will not allow any contractors to start work until I am fully informed of what they are about to do with Freddie's money. We have seen enough of cowboys!
Perhaps Sheila will call for a chat and keep me informed of the situation.
I have given you evidence Dr Lyons of the gross mismanagement of Freddie's affairs since January 1979 and I would be glad to give you more if necessary. We do hoe that you can help us in some way to get Justice for one mental patient. I feel you should be made aware of the sequence of events since the Office of the Official Solicitor of the Supreme Court took over.
I hope you were able to take advantage of the continental weather.

Thank you for your interest,

Eileen Wright.

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